A menagerie!

Remember the postcard project Girls Who Draw? Well the ladies are at it again. Yee Ting Kuit has notified me that their collaboration has resulted in their second postcard book, this time with the theme Menagerie.

The postcard book cover and back was illustrated by the lovely Anke Weckmann. Other wonderful artist’s include Sarah Ray, Gemma Correll, Yee Ting Kuit, Currentstate, Michelle Turton, Karoline Rerrie, Amy Timms, Ruth Green, Kate Hindley and Mary Kilvert. (The postcard book can be purchased at any of the individual artist’s shops!)

2 Replies to “A menagerie!”

  1. barbara says:

    did the comments disappear? I entered yesterday… but don’t see any … 🙁

  2. barbara says:

    opps… wrong entry…. but I do love this one too!

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