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It’s Music Monday again over on Twitter. As you may recall, I put a call out for a playlist exchange. Here was my list for Clara Charoltte. I made her two, because sometimes you feel upbeat, and sometimes you feel downbeat. If you want to join in, I created a Music Monday Flickr group. Doodle, draw, sketch, paint, photograph, or design your own playlist and drop it into the pool. It’s nice to hear about other artists and musicians, but I find it more satisfying to draw their names and lyrics.

P.S. You can still send me a message on Twitter and I’ll make you a playlist!


8 thoughts on “music monday playlist

  1. Oh cool. I’m been making a monthly mix for the last couple of years and managed to get a few buddies to contribute. You can view the complete list of mixes here:

    The Flickr pool is a great idea! Looking forward to seeing and hearing all the mixes.

  2. This idea is brilliant.

    I’m in dire need of a new “get my brain to function quickly” mix. Any playlist suggestions?

    I’d love to contribute some smashing hip-hop/downtempo compilations I’ve mixed together over the years.

    Fantastic viewing as always.

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