Giveaway #20: Good to Know zines set

Oh I know that Tuesday went and passed. And there wasn’t supposed to be a giveaway this week because I’m trying to finish up the second installment of the Etsy recap (the first one is here).

But then again I thought I shouldn’t let you all go off without at least a prospect of owning something lovely, so I’m putting up a giveaway for a complete set of Good to Know zines (yes, issues #1 through to #5!) to ONE lucky commenter.

Just comment on this post by 21st October and one of you will get a very hefty package of zines that’s chock full of advice + inspirations for creatives peeps! (If you already own some of the zines, then we can exchange them for future issues – I’m totally cool with that.)

UPDATE: Commenting has now closed, thanks for participating!


133 thoughts on “Giveaway #20: Good to Know zines set

  1. oh, oh , oooh ooh ah ah…!! i am kick-starting my life as a non-shy, practicing, selling artist — and the Good to Know Zine would be a real love story for me 🙂

  2. Oooh! Nice! I’ve had my eye on Good to Know for quite awhile. My addiction to zines and my shabby income means that I often have to watch wonderful things come and go before I can grab them.

    Good luck to everybody, but I still hope I win 🙂

  3. I really like the layout used on the covers and I’m curious what to expect inside! It’s always nice to get advice and to see other people their inspiration.

    This is an amazing idea for a giveaway. 😀

  4. with a world full of mountains to climb and oceans of loss and days in solitude with only our thoughts, it is a flood of delight to find that somewhere in a land far away someone is saying “hello, i see you, have a gift, and and some inspiration, and some help to realize your dreams.” Pikaland is a field of red wild flowers like that time on a small Greek Island when I felt so free. Pikaland is the buzz of walking through Chelsea in NY stumbling on artists up stairwells and down old bricked alleyways. Pikaland is where I come to breathe, to inhale, to relish the small doodled truths pouring out of the hearts of artists. Thank you. Thank you ever so much. x x x

  5. This would be a beautiful collection of zines to own! I would be so happy and lucky if I won 🙂 What a nice giveaway! A friend of a friend has a beautiful series that I got really into and even inspired me to make my first zine! Yay for zines!

  6. oh my best giveaway ever.. you really know how to rock! i really hope i get lucky and win these zines – they’re all beautiful!

  7. Oooooh. That’s cool everybody can participate. So I am participating too. And I’ll have a nice day dreaming of how the postman rings at my door and gives me a BEAUTIFUL package from overseas filled with exciting stuff 🙂

  8. Oh there is a limit to how long I can keep my fingers & toes crossed… but I am totally willing to try it until the 21st!

    Desperately wanting advice & inspiration – one can never have enough inspiration, and advice… well, it’s good to know what you’re ignoring….

  9. Amy! You know I love these [have 1-3 + th others will be ordered]! I just wantr to say these are terrific! Great job! :o). Karen

  10. Just read your creative tips via Etsy Success – thank you thank you thank you! I’ve been stuck in a 2d creative rut for awhile now – keri smith’s site was a great resource for me. I’m SURE your zines would be even better to have.

  11. I really love what you wrote for Etsy – 9 tips to be more creative and with all the links, It really provoke my thoughts.
    Thank you for being such an inspiration to me.

    I hope I’m lucky this time ^ . ^

  12. Your magazine sounds quite interesting and I’d love to see a copy! I didn’t know about it until I followed links to your giveaway. I will definitely explore more!

  13. JUST LOOK Amy at HOW many people want your ZINES!
    I swear…a book on the Shelves at Indigo and Chapters…and OTHER huge book stores would sell sell sell…your ZINES are THE MOST informative treasures any Illustrator/Artist…creative being could own!
    THIS has to be your BEST GIVEAWAY EVER!…
    I think I want them ALL!!!!!!

  14. I read your tips for creativity on Etsy – what great advice! I loved your reading list as well. Kerri Smith, The Alchemist and Lines and Shapes are all on my inspiration list, too. I clicked the links to check out the Good to Know Project and your blog and I was already inspired. I’d love win the zines (I don’t have any of them yet) but even if I don’t, I know I’ve found another great source of inspiration. Thanks!

  15. Just found you on Issuu and have sent your link to everyone I want to make happy. That would be everyone on my mailing list. What fun this place is! All this art and giveaways, too? Yes!

  16. You have a great eye for design. I love your site and all your little goodies. These notebooks look really fun too! I hope it’s not too late to get in on the little drawing 🙂

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