The Time is Now returns!

I’ve been waiting for Naomi’s return for a while now, and I’m glad she did! She just reopened The Time is Now and also her new shop, Antlered Kitsune that sells illustrations and papercuts done for her thesis, which is centered around the folklore characters kitsunes and the stag.

She’s also celebrating with a special offer for those who are interested in getting themselves her lovely items: free international shipping for the first three peeps who contact her via Etsy. Not only that, those who contact her will be entered into a raffle to win her papercut art cards!

One Reply to “The Time is Now returns!”

  1. char says:

    Thanks for posting Amy…I absolutely adore her work and even if I don’t qualify for free shipping I have seen a few Xmas gifts for family.
    Thx…have a lovely day.

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