Melanie Maddison

Melanie Maddison

Melanie Maddison is a self-publisher from Leeds, UK. Her main zine, Colouring Outside The Lines (COTL) has been going since 2004 and interviews contemporary female artists. She also edits the zine, ‘Shape & Situate: Posters of Inspirational European Women’.

She’s our resident chief interview lady, and you can read all the interviews she has conducted for Pikaland here!

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  1. Hi fellow Melanie!

    I came upon your website by googling for mine and seeing where I came in the rankings, well lo and behold I see that you are writing and sharing about artists! What a lovely website (& funnily enough I think I’ve actually pinned a photograph on Pinterest from here some months ago).

    I never normally do this kind of thing , but I just had to say hi!!

    Id love you to have a look at what Im working on.

    Im about to launch a new product/service this year (I do power animal readings and connected artwork) and the 1st part may be going out next week! Im just in beta testing with clients right now.

    All my best
    Melanie Maddison

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