How about a new man for mother’s day?

I made a bunch of people panic over Twitter when I asked if I missed Mother’s Day this year (no, you didn’t — it’s on May 10th!). So I was thinking of what I would want my kids to get me IF I was a mom (nope, I’m not one yet…) and I would be over the moon if I received one of the lovely handsome men by Mimi Kirchner.

They’re fabulously and also handsome in a plush-y way. Like what Mimi says: Mr Handsome is very charming fellow, but not suitable for a long term relationship. Swoon! ;)


6 thoughts on “How about a new man for mother’s day?

  1. When I read the title of this post my first thought was “Sounds expensive!” and then I scrolled down. These little men are so sharp! I’m totally hot for them!

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