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Marichelle and I go back quite a bit, ever since I was blogging on my personal blog before Pikaland was conceived! I was in awe of her cooking skills on her blog Lifeflix and in turn she gave me encouragements on my illustrations, and look where she is right now! She started Heart Handmade last year, and is now the blogger of two more new blogs — one about cooking (YAY!), and another about technology — talk about energy!

Name: Marichelle Burdman
Blogs: Heart Handmade, Heart Homecooked, Heart Hi-Tech
Contact: hearthandmade{AT}

1. How would you describe Heart Handmade’s blog style?
I think of Heart Handmade as an online magazine rather than a blog of daily musings. I spend a great deal of time thinking about fresh and unique ways to present the different facets of handmade – I like to think that it has more of a grassroots community following, my readers are interested in discovering the people, the process and the stories behind handmade. I’m also kind of obsessed with providing a conversational and accessible editorial tone.

2. What catches your eye, and what would make you decide to blog about an artist’s work? (Is there a certain style you’re looking for?)
My curation process isn’t something that I can easily put into words; it’s instinctive by nature. But what I can tell you is that if one of the following happens when I open your email, then it will get featured on the site…
a. I instantly think/say “awww man, wish I had the skills to do that!”
b. I instantly think/say “Damn it. Why didn’t I think of that???”
c. I instantly yell out to my boyfriend Hillsy “Fuss! come here!! hurry!! look at this! holyshit, it’s fuckin’ awesome”
d. my heart goes pitter patter, you know, when something is soooo cute it hurts

3. Who are some of your favourite artists (and is there a particular reason why are they your favorites?
My favorites are always changing and that’s one thing that I love about my job. I’m constantly introduced to new artists on a daily basis so it’s an ever-growing list. Right now, I’m really really into Joetta Maue, Margie Oomen and Regina Spektor (does she count?). It’s so easy for me to see the passion and the realness of their work. It’s delicate but at the same time there’s a quiet rawness to it – I’m a fan of contradiction. I also find that I’m naturally drawn to pieces made the old-fashion way, not necessarily “crafty” but manual labors of love, the type of work that allows you to feel what the artist might have been feeling the day they finished it.

4. And are there specific genres that you think might not be a good fit with your blog?
I have a broad range of coverage. I’m more concerned about the product itself rather than how or where it’s used. Again, if I get the pitter patter, I’ll feature it.

5. We know that some bloggers prefer to get submission emails in a certain way — are there any preference to how they should send in submissions to your blog?
I’m pretty good with emails. Both Grace (Design*Sponge) and Erin (Design for Mankind) have taught me a thing or two about the importance of answering emails. Even before I started HH, I remember harassing both of them with my “check out my latest handmade pouches” and “check out my new blog…” emails and they ALWAYS responded to my emails. This was something that I truly appreciated and has stuck with me for a long time. It didn’t matter that they didn’t think it was a good fit for their blogs, but acknowledging my email meant the world to me. SO, if anyone out there is still waiting for a response from me and it’s been more than two weeks – DAMN YOU Gmail!! – please re-send. (oh that doesn’t apply for SPAM/mass distribution emails ok?) Oh and please take the time out to find out a blogger’s first name and most importantly be yourself – natural is best.

I’m also pretty active on Twitter so that’s another way to stay in touch with me.

6. Are there any other tips you’d like to pass on to Pikaland’s readers about selling/marketing their work?
Once you’re 100% convinced that you have a killer product…
A wise man once told me that everything comes down to luck. Marketing is sort of like lotto tickets, the more you have the better your chances are. So exhaust your options, take advantage of all social networking channels and put yourself in as many positions to receive good fortune as possible!


{Thanks so much Marichelle! 🙂 }

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  1. Great interview! Marichelle is so genuine, and heart handmade is one of my favorite daily stops!

  2. Amy says:

    Aaw, thanks jan! 😉

  3. modish says:

    I love me some Marichelle! 🙂

  4. mchen says:

    What a terrific feature of a generous lady who also features others. It’s so nice to hear and see that this community helps boost each other to bigger and better things. Kudos to both of you, Marichelle & Pikaland!

  5. Adele says:

    Awesome Q’n‘A. Thoroughly enjoyed the read. Thanks Michelle and Pikaland.

  6. i LOVE THAT GIRL!!! another goodie, amy. 😉

  7. Jacqueline says:

    Amy, this intervoew is awesome! I love her and am happy i have new bubble space to stop by now! Thank you soo much both of you! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  8. Marichelle says:

    hello friends! Jan, Jena, Emily, Adele, Erin and Jacqueline – you guys are the sweetest, thanks for showing me some luv 🙂

    And of course Amy – thanks again for inviting me to be a part of this great column of yours. OMG I remember the early days, remakeables was one of the first blogs that got me hooked… wow we’ve both been pretty busy this past year huh? x Marichelle

  9. Great interview! I always find some inspiration on these pages!

  10. what a great interview! i really heart heart handmade. such a great blog and blogger!

  11. Esti says:

    Another good interview. Thanks.

  12. Well, it is no secret I adore and love Marichelle. She genuinely loves the artists she features and works so hard to make it all super fantastic for the rest of us. And it is! I love this series sweet Amy and I love this interview with my dear friend. Thank you both!

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