I’m a HUGE fan of Heather Smith Jones. Ever since I had one of her original paintings (see mine here) I’ve been checking her Etsy shop almost everyday to see if she has a new collection. Last week, she unveiled her latest series of paintings and works — the {whisper} series, a collection of beautiful works with graphite, watercolor, pinholes, and letterpress blind embossing on paper. The series is part of the “finding winter, drawing spring” collection, and all of them are original one-offs that are signed, dated and titled by Heather.

Each of her work has a wonderful, happy vibe to it; and I especially love her use of white space and the composition of each piece. You can also find more about Heather and her studio on her blog.

Happy Monday everyone! 🙂

6 Replies to “Whisper”

  1. joanne says:

    woah! i really like her stuff !

  2. These are really cool! Love your blog!

  3. Sarah says:

    Her work is so beautiful!

  4. Amy says:

    Wow-such a great combination of forms and mediums! I can’t wait to check out her shop.

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