The December PikaPackage Project: update #2

Things have been a little hectic here lately with the upcoming giveaway, and with only one more update to go before we launch the December round, we’re so happy to let you in on the next round of participants!

  1. Anna Emilia sent in four copies of her beautiful book entitled Proof of Winter;
  2. Sarah of craftyFOLK sent in fabulous magnets and brooches that are all handmade with love;
  3. Shannon of Loaded Hips Press sent in handpressed linoprints in all shapes and sizes;
  4. Julia Staite sent in her awesome handmade zines – a retelling of The Little Red Riding Hood;
  5. Renee of Wolfie and the Sneak sent in these lovely print packs, and a reminder not to use plastics!
  6. Mara of Printspace sent in wonderful full-sized prints of her work;
  7. Jannie Ho of Chickengirl sent in adorable cards with her characters in time for the holidays; and
  8. Jeannette of The Beautiful Project sent in these lovely cards for December’s PikaPackage Project!

{And here’s fair warning: broken record alert!}

If you want to see more pictures of what our participants sent in, please head on over to our Flickr stream, and remember to sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know about the giveaway, and also when the packages this round will be available for purchase!

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