Gustavo Aimar

Loving the work and process of Gustavo Aimar. He has a few other blogs that are interconnected: here, here where he extends invitation for other illustrators and artists to come and post their drawings, as well as a little shop where he sells his original drawings. Follow his wonderful Flickr stream too for more images of his works and to see glimpses of his studio.

6 Replies to “Gustavo Aimar”

  1. Gustavo aimar es de mi tierra, Argentina!
    Y me gusta muchísimo lo que hace!

  2. Belinda Kemp says:

    his work is so rich. great links, thanku 🙂

  3. bibi says:

    i enjoy his work too. so magical =)

  4. máni says:

    it’s always really inspiring to see how people work and also their workspace…

  5. ning fathia says:

    it’s watercolor! how wonderful! thank you for showing me the talent!

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