PikaPackage October update #4

We meet again everyone! You all might have noticed a little more postings lately, and for the October round of the PikaPackage in particular — all crammed within these short weeks. We have about two more updates before the launch, so this will also be within the next few days; ooooh the excitement!

For this update, I’m happy to share with you the contributions by these fellow artists:

  1. Sarah Gardner sent in beautiful and inspiring prints and cards;
  2. Julia of Lineanongrata sent in amazing canvas prints, sticker sets and button sets;
  3. Vivienne Strauss sent in her delightful gocco poodle prints and various prints of her paintings;
  4. Tanya of Gumball Grenade sent in Halloween themed prints + magnets + buttons;
  5. Twozdai sent in carefully prepared sets that includes a print, postcard, a card and moo stickers;
  6. David and Anna of Goldlion sent in groovy miniprints, button sets and postcards;
  7. Jenny of Be Happy Now sent in a truly colorful package of gocco and matte prints, along with a handmade felt book filled with her happy illustrations; and
  8. Pearlyn of Kaching Design sent in gocco prints and postcard sets of her alphabet animals!

You can have a look at the full set of images over on our Flickr stream!

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