Kristin Oftedal

Thumbelina print

I rarely come across illustrations that tug at the heartstrings, but this print by Kristin Oftedal, a freelance illustrator based in Norway, makes me tear up inside. I think it’s because I usually cry watching cartoons as opposed to watching movies with real people, because everyone knows that the actors don’t really die in the movies, but the cartoon characters really die.

Like really.

You can also read up on Kristin via her blog!

{P/S — Kristin said: You’ll be pleased to know that the bird isn’t really dead, though – only Thumbelina doesn’t know that yet. ;)}


3 thoughts on “Kristin Oftedal

  1. Incredibly beautiful work… I am often the same way when it comes to cartoons – I think there is a connection there that is different from that of watching ‘real’ people ‘acting’… cartoon characters have a life of their own, rather than having a life borrowed from another, per-se. Does that even make sense? Anyhow, could probably muse for hours over that particular little thought… grin

    Gorgeous, gorgeous work…

  2. this piece is beautiful. that expression on the little girl’s face =(

    I too, cry watching cartoons, but then i cry watching movies with real life people too!
    Ok, i admit i even cry reading novels and manga! So embarrassing. hehe~

  3. Take heart, the swallow is not dead! (though at the moment of the illustration, she thinks it is) See Thumbelina wikipedia article under plot.
    Thumbelina “nurses it back to health!”

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