PikaPackage August: Update #1

Well, where did the time go? We’re now inching closer to the third round of the PikaPackage Project, and I’m so happy to present to you a quick roundup of our first updates from our list of participants:

  1. Karena of Magic Jelly sent in gorgeous 1.25 inch buttons;
  2. Holly of Good Bloom sent in cheery prints and cards from her collection;
  3. Elise of Argyle Whale sent in exclusive editions of her Barnacle Whale Gocco prints;
  4. Valerie of Cabin + Cub sent in wonderland-themed notebooks;
  5. Anna Ruby King sent in individual, hand-painted guoache postcards; and
  6. Brian Patenaude sent in his colorful Smurf series + small prints!

You can see more of the participants (and past ones too!) on our NEW PikaPackage participants page.

There’s only 5 more packages available of June’s PikaPackage up for grabs, so better hurry to the shop if you haven’t got yours already!

And remember to sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know when the giveaway begins!

P/S: We’re looking for a charity to donate to, as a percentage of the August PikaPackage Project will go towards a charity in need. If you have any in mind, please drop us a note, or fill in the comment form!


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