Click click!

I love a friend, who loves cameras.

Like crazy.

I’m guessing Katie Marcus loves them too, which is why she drew this print, featuring favourites from her collection: a Smena Symbol, Lomo Holga, Actionsampler, and Diana+, Olympus Trip-35 and Kodak Coloursnap.

An illustration of cameras… I can’t think of any better gift for camera buffs! Unless… it’s roll of film. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Click click!

  1. Thank you for featuring my little drawing Amy, I do indeed love my cameras!

    If anyone would like to buy the print, the link above says it’s sold out but it isn’t, click my name to see a new listing!

  2. roachz: I’m not telling, and that someone is picky about something else too. Haha!

    Katie: You’re welcome, and thanks for the link — it’s now updated! 🙂

    Mareb: It is too, I think — in a very realistic yet clean way!

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