Little Paper Planes

Wooden Deer Print by Cole Gerst; Multi Dimensional print by Renee Garner

My first visit to an online gallery full of beautiful art prints for sale was at Little Paper Planes, helmed by the wonderful Kelly Lynn Jones. I think it was way back 2 or 3 years ago (if my memory doesn’t fail me!), and I remembered how lovely the website was, and the stuff she has on there is beautiful.

Ribbons and Bows print by Kelly Lynn Jones

Fast forward a few years, and although nothing much has changed on the site’s outlook (it’s perfect the way it is) — but Kelly has been adding more and more artists in there — there’s new artists like Iris Schwarz, (a dear friend, and a contributor for our PikaPackage Project), and also a personal favourite: Deth P. Sun. Oh, and Meighan has a wonderful interview with Miss Kelly over here too.

Kelly, you rock!


3 thoughts on “Little Paper Planes

  1. i recently discovered little paper planes. i love it! i’ve sent some things over the atlantic to kelly so you might be seeing some of my wares in her shop soon…

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