PikaPackage — changes!

Dear friends,

Thanks to a lot of great input from our participants, I’ve made the decision to abolish the standard participation fee, along with a couple of changes (see below). This means that anyone who wanted to participate, can now do so more easily.

The changes:

1. Participating in the PikaPackage project is free; and

2. Participants now have an option of buying an exclusive advertising spot on the blog (only participants are able to buy a space) for USD10. Although this was given away free before, but due to the need to defray costs, this is now up as an option for participants who would not mind making out a small contribution to the PikaPackage Project in exchange for more exposure on the blog. The optional fee would help fund for marketing materials, the advertising costs (yes, we will be advertising in other sites to get more attention!) and the effort that goes into organizing the project; and

3. Participants will be asked to submit 12 contributions (or more, if you’d like), instead of 8, so that we can fit in more works from different artists into one PikaPackage. (If you’ve already sent in 8, that’s fine too.)

You can find the new update here, along with my mailing address:

And we’ve extended the deadline for the July edition to allow more time for participants to get ready:
All contributions must reach me by 20 JUNE 2008.
The SECOND PikaPackage will launch on the first week of JULY 2008.

If you have any questions, feedbacks, or if you want to participate, please email me at pikapackage@pikaland.com.

Once again, thank you so much for your gracious and continuous support. We’re going to make the PikaPackage Project bigger and better! 🙂

Have a great week!


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