Emily Ipolani

Bird Day – 8’ x 10’ Print

Out of Order – Blank Card

DollyGagging is a shop helmed by Emily Ipolani and footed by Erik Stein in California, where she recently put up her limited edition ACEOs and postcard prints for sale.

Read up on their blog, where there’s more of Emily’s art, and check out her portfolio too — you should read her About page (it’s inspiring AND funny!)

5 Replies to “Emily Ipolani”

  1. anne says:

    do you have any idea where emily went? i cant find her online anywhere anymore. thanks!

  2. Sher says:

    I have been searching for Emily for a few years and it seems she had just vanished off the face of the earth. I fear the worse and hope not,because she had some great pieces. I really miss her work.

    1. Amy G says:

      Emily is alive and well (haha!). She’s been busying herself with designer vinyl toys and other exciting projects — follow her on Instagram @intrepidpigeon … she’s also on Facebook and Instagram under E.Ipolani 🙂

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  4. RDP Service says:

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