Linda Solovic

Maxine the Bird print

Linda Solovic sent me an email about her work and I am wowed — they’re 3-dimensional illustrations that’s given life with collages, with her materials that’s mostly made up of prints/patterns/textures, sometimes placed on found paper. I can’t collage anything to save my life, so you can understand how strongly I feel about this form of art – it’s beautiful.

Blooming Buddies — Wildflowers print; Tulip print

She has an office where she works on collages, gift and stationary development and pattern designs; while teaching illustration at the Washington University College of Art, at the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts in St. Louis.

Julia the Bird print; a sample of her work that’s available for licensing

She just recently opened her Etsy shop where she sells prints of her collages. For a peek into her portfolio, head on here to see more of her work that includes embroideries, and works available for licensing.


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