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Eveline Tarunadjaja is an illustrator who has had her work published on Frankie magazine — in the form of a poster, no less! She is now working on the design of tee shirts for Hurley, apart from selling her original works and limited edition prints, in her shop (her calendar is going really fast too!). Her drawings are mostly revolved around hair — beautiful, tumbles of locks that flow like water.

Catch her on her blog and her illustration portfolio website. Laura of Lola-News recently did an interview with Eveline too.

Eveline’s print, Red Dress, and Light

2 Replies to “The lovepad”

  1. Megan Tucker says:

    Oh wow! what talent! i am so impressed with her work! thanks for posting! im a fan for sure!

  2. Esti says:

    Love these illustrations. I’m smitten.

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