Skulls make the world go round

Amy Brown’s zines, clockwise from top left: Skulls Make the World Go Round; The RSPCA Are Nice To Animals, You Should Too, Probably; BBQs Are Hot; Good Dreams. Bad Dreams, Day Dreams.

Dear Amy,

I am a big fan of yours, and when I went over to your shop and tried to buy some things that might have some of your witty, wonderful images, there was only a few to be found—in the form of zines at that. And at your blog, I was teased by your colourful people and your one-liners that usually send me rolling on the floor with laughter.

Images from Amy Brown’s Blog

For now, I can only be appeased by a few of your full-color limited edition edition zines that’s for sale. And because I’m not a fan of ripping zines up, oh please, please, make some prints and put them up for sale so that I can hang some on my funny-depraved walls.


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