Rainy days or sunny days – Emma hanquist

Emma Hanquist

Rainy days or sunny days: Music by Tony Clifton, illustrations by Emma Hanquist, animation by Anders Hellman.

The music video was done in 2010, and Emma’s style has changed quite a bit since then (see below) – her recent works are more collage-based, and her use of more realistic human elements (eyes, lips, nose, hair etc) within her work adds a surreal quality to it.

Emma Hanquist

See more over at her portfolio!


Dumb Ways to Die / Melbourne Metro

If you haven’t seen this video circulating around the interwebs lately, then it’s about time you did! Melbourne Metro’s campaign to raise awareness for pedestrians around their tracks culminated in the awesomely catchy and funny jingle called Dumb Ways to Die. I find myself humming to it, and unconsciously doing the jig when I’m in line at the supermarket.

If only most public service announcements could be this fun (and snarky!)

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