Slugs + more

I always love if there’s a story behind each character that I come across. Take Mike over here for instance. As a resident of Marthaland he is the one that will NEVER be seen without a cheeseburger (and maybe even a beer in hand, if he can grow one!) Each special slug comes with it’s own ID tag when it comes to live with you, so you can put out an APB (?) when it decides to trail off somewhere.


And here are some more links for you to enjoy this Monday:

+ Carson Ellis has a new website!
+ Mattias Adolfsson has an awesome sketchbook online for you to flip through over at Issuu (be prepared to spend hours over it!)
+ Have you seen Underground Art School’s latest magazine called The Sketchbook Issue??
+ And Sally also has a spanking new website!

6×6 Gallery

The folks over at Charmingwall have something new up their sleeves — a new gallery! Unlike Charmingwall’s concept of selling open-edition fine art prints, 6×6 Gallery is a a whole new gallery dedicated to small format 6“x6” original works of art from artists over the world that was sparked by their success of The Tiny Art Show, an art show held every year by Charmingwall. You start by purchasing their starter kit and in no time your work will be up the wall with other participants!