Maurice Sendak on The Colbert Report

I love Maurice Sendak’s books and to see him on The Colbert Report is so very fun. He’s an amazing guy with an even sharper wit. And here’s my favorite quote from him:

“I don’t write for children. I write. And somebody said that’s for children. I didn’t set out to make children happy.”

Watch and get ready to fall in love with Maurice Sendak all over again – this time for very different reasons.

Maurice Sendak on The Colbert Report Part 1
Maurice Sendak on The Colbert Report Part 2

UPDATE: Some readers might not be able to see the videos due to region limitations – I’m so sorry about this!

Video from Colbert Nation

Making Your Mark: Final Call

final call – pikaland artist bootcamp #1

We’ve made a few changes here lately, and one of them is the Pikaland Artist Bootcamp. Cat-loving artist Jamie Shelman and I have been running the online class since 2010, offering feedback and thoughts as we follow along with our students as they complete weekly assignments that were designed to help them think beyond paper (and canvases!)

We’ve enjoyed the experience tremendously, as did our students. We gave in-depth feedback to each and every one of our students, and watching each of them break out of their shell was the height of the whole experience for us. However, this year we’ve decided to take a break from the bootcamp, as I have my hands full – with current projects and exciting new ones to be launched this year. It was tough to decide, but ultimately we want nothing but the best for our students and so we decided to make some changes.

Bootcamp #1: Making Your Mark will be the last one that we will be doing for the year (and for now). Seats are limited and our last class begins 30th April. This 6-week class is great for artists and illustrators who want to explore their style further and bring refinement, focus, or new ideas to your work. The course is also excellent for those who don’t know how to begin, and need fresh eyes to help guide their art-making – enrollment is open and you can register here.

Bootcamp #2: Bringing Your Work to Market is now re-designed as a self-study class [with a reduced pricetag along with it!]. It’s structured for those just developing their online presence and those who want to make their existing persona better through self-paced lessons that cover topics from branding to photography. The classroom is available all year round, and you can enroll here.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to work with two very opinionated folks with lots of ideas to share on how to bring your art to a whole new level, then this would be your last chance to enroll for Making Your Mark – I’d love to see you there!