Pikabooks: Oh Won’t You Come On In?

Kelly Lasserre zine

Kelly Lasserre zine

I know it’s been awhile, but I’m so pleased to announce the launch of a new zine under our Pikabooks label!

Artist Kelly Lasserre has produced a beautiful 28-page zine called Oh Won’t You Come On In, filled with drawings of her most prized possessions that she doesn’t want to live without. Best of all, with each purchase of the zine, we’ll donate one new book to children in need via First Books.

We did an interview with Kelly on her book and what’s next for her!

Hi Kelly! Tell us a little bit more about yourself!
Oh boy, that’s a big one. Well, I’m an artist and illustrator that focuses on hand drawn letters, telling stories, the horrors and humor of life. I love that I am able to share my honesty and neuroses with other people through making things. I’m always on the lookout for a good laugh, a perfect weather day and an outstanding bloody mary.

Tell us about the zine – what was in your mind when you started drawing the items?
I have always been really excited about the objects that I have acquired over the years. I had previously toyed with the idea of documenting them all, but there are just too many, so I decided to do the several that are featured here for the zine. Once I got it in my head, there was really no going back. I love that these little things have a history, they came from some place, I chose them for some reason and I remember how and where I got them. They each have a story, and however simple or involved the stories may be, I now associate these things with different times, important people, a myriad of feelings and long lost places in my life. A lot of them make me feel quite sad, actually.

What/who are you inspired by?
I am fascinated by all of the people, behaviors, overwhelming beauty and nonsense in the world, mostly. Sure, I draw some inspiration from certain artists, illustrators, musicians, history and specific cultures, but for the most part, it is just being a part of this life each day. The way people act and treat each other, the reality that the ocean is so terrifying and wonderful, the fragility of human life and being here on this earth, the things people write on the stalls of bar bathrooms, the fact that animals are truly insane when you stop to think about it, that humans can create buildings, babies, hearing aids, music, airplanes, murder, complicated machines, etc. These things are not lost on me, and I don’t take much for granted, this place is amazing and really scary.

What’s next for you?
Haha, Interesting timing for this question. As you know, I just “moved” to Brooklyn on Monday so this is a potentially loaded response that I will not overwhelm you poor people with. That being said, I am in a coffee shop using the internet, looking for a job, and pretty upset that they are playing Bon Jovi. Aside from that, I am going to continue making art and working with nice folks on exciting illustration projects (if all goes according to plan!) 😀

Oh Won't You Come On in

{Thanks Kelly! Her zine, Oh Won’t You Come On In is only available in a limited edition of 100 copies!}

Lose the fear of being wrong

Print by Hello Cherie

I’ve always been afraid of being wrong.

The embarrassment, the laughter – in my head it was always so hard to bear. Until I failed once. And again. And yet again. And you know what? It’s not that bad. In fact, every time I failed, I dusted myself off and went on my way. Oh sure, I had the occasional graze on my knee, a bump on my elbow and a slightly bruised ego, but I was whole – and that is what matters.

And here’s a secret: no one is really watching.

So lose the fear, make mistakes, celebrate and learn from them.
Because everyone’s so focused on not making mistakes that they’re not caring if you made one.

Happy Monday folks, and stay tuned for the launch of our latest zine! 🙂

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