Evan B. Harris

Evan b harris

Evan B harris

Evan b harris

Evan b harris

Evan b harris

I’m loving the old-school style of – a website started by photographer Carlie Armstrong detailing the work spaces of artists and craftspeople in the US Pacific Northwest. She hopes to present the inspiration and process of each individual; how they work in a space and how they decorate their surrounding studio.

My current favorite artist on there at the moment is Evan B Harris (I’m linking to his Etsy shop as his website hasn’t been updated since 2009). His illustrations seem to be rooted in folklores and stories culled from his imagination. The best part? He has had no formal art training and is self-taught.

I like the freshness of the website, and the quirky style at how the images and text is presented. With static frames surrounding it, it’s as though the viewer is looking through a camera lens or a picture frame. It has a simple and yet editorial layout, which I thought was interesting because a lot of the websites I see these days seem to consist of slick, rounded corners and metallic-glitz.

To see more artists and pictures, head to the website.

Tip of the week: Back up!

Back up now!

Good Monday folks!

I’m here to remind you to back up your data if you haven’t done so in a while. (Double cringe if you have NEVER done a backup before!)

It’s relatively easy if you have a Mac computer — I just hook it up to an external drive (mine’s a red 250GB beauty from Seagate) and I run the Time Machine application and let it run. Within a few minutes, I’ll have a working copy of my computer on a spare drive, in case anything unthinkable happens to my lappy.

I was once unfortunate enough to lose all 6 months worth of data when my laptop went bonkers on me, and I was cursing and tearing out my hair to no end. So to avoid the above scenario happening again, in addition to backing up every 10 days or so, I keep my working files on a DropBox account so that I can access them anywhere. Call me anal, but I prefer to be fully prepared if a stroke of bad luck ever strikes!

Have you backed up your data lately? If you haven’t, I suggest you get busy – we don’t want all that hard work of yours disappearing into thin air now, do we?

Have a lovely week ahead!


p/s—Thanks to those who participated in our Camp Pikaland survey last week. The survey will be up until 20th June and it would be great if you could take a few minutes of your time to help us out by answering a few questions!