Visual Journaling + Alumni course!

Visual Journaling Class!

Both Jamie and I are currently busy teaching at the second installment of the bootcamp that focuses on bringing your work to market, and we thought of sharing a little sneak peek into what our third installment of the Pikaland Artist Bootcamp will look like — below is a snippet of what you’ll be getting yourself into when you join in our next class which begins on 16th May 2011!


Often one on the largest obstacles to overcome when creating a story or plot or new work of art is the need to pre-think the story rather than letting it have an organic origin. Sometimes this puts the brakes on it completely. Nothing happens because you put too much pressure on the work looking completely as you see it in your minds eye, you intimidate yourself with your left brain way of thinking!

It’s as if you’re seeing Mt. Everest as a 29,000 ft tall mountain instead of a series of single steps that happen in an instant and organically. A mountain is intimidating, the steps aren’t! First graders don’t have this mountain view, children very rarely experience the un-doable (unless an adult instills it in them!). Children attempt things, they learn, they fall down and stand up. For this first week’s assignment we will silence the fearful adult and invite the adventurous child! Discovering new ways of operating and finding out what might be hidden within your left brain adult self!”

~ Excerpt from Week 1, Assignment 1: Breaking Barriers of Pika Artist Bootcamp 3: Visual Journaling

Through your moleskine we’ll unravel and discover your own unique voice! From the grocery store to the cafe to your desk and a friends hand, you’ll tote your journal with you wherever you go,gathering source materials, inspirations, new ideas— pasting, cutting, spilling, inking, stamping, photographing, creating along the way!

jazz legend moleskine

What personality will your moleskine take on?


What stories will you have to share?


What exciting new characters will you create?


There’s so much more to uncover, so won’t you join us? 😉

Alumni Class!
For those who’ve taken the first installment of the Pikaland Artist Bootcamp: Making Your Mark, you’ll be thrilled to know that we’ve planned a continuation of it just for past participants in the first ever Alumni Class: Making Your Mark #2! You can expect the same frank advice, constructive criticism and lots of banter and fun from both me and Jamie!

See more over at the Pikaland Artist Bootcamp page, where you’ll find links to student reviews, FAQs and course listings!

Pika Alumni: Making Your Mark #2

Pikaland Bootcamp Alumni course!

Course fee: USD$160

*Read some of our students’ feedback on our bootcamp courses!*

Finally! An advanced course for all Pikaland Bootcamp Alumni! Build and grow on past assignments, make new work, reconnect with past alumni and make new friends! This is a 6 week advanced course, with 1 assignment per week aimed at self-discovery, exploration and uncovering further who you are as an artist and what it is you hope to say with your art! With new creative fresh assignments to get you thinking ‘outside the box’, loads more examples from our favorite artists and illustrators, and Amy and Jamie available for critical feedback and support along the way!

We’ve loved working with so many of you and look forward to working with you again soon!

{ Please note this course is open only for past students of Pikaland Bootcamp courses! Don’t worry if you haven’t enrolled in a Pika Bootcamp course yet you still can- check our calendar for upcoming courses! }

  • Please note that all of the classes have limited space so it’s better to enroll early!


For this course you will need a camera, computer, drawing materials, and time!

Course duration
6 weeks: 1 assignment per week and personal, one-to-one individual critiques, 6 assignments in total
Start Date: 4th July, 2011


Need more information? Read the FAQs on the Pikaland Artist Bootcamp!

About Jamie

Jamie Shelman is a painter, artist, cat fancier, and cycling fanatic. She graduated from The Rhode Island School of Design in 2006 with studies abroad in Rome, Italy and Sydney College of the Arts, Australia. She currently lives with her husband, artist Tom Meyer, in Roland Park, Baltimore, Maryland recently relocated from Martha’s Vineyard by way of NYC. She loves minimal forms of expression that contain within them an ability to engage the viewer’s imagination without filling in all the blanks. Her work has been exhibited in NYC, Providence, RI, Cape Cod and Australia. She’s been featured on several blogs including Apartment Therapy, Oh Joy!, Black Eiffel, Dear Ada, {frolic}, hey susy*, and many more. She is currently working on her first “children’s” book with great hope for publication!

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About Amy

Amy is a former architecture + design magazine editor who is infatuated with art and illustration; especially the meeting between the two. She has given Etsy talks on creativity and on looking at things with fresh eyes — whether it’s art or business. Her mind runs a mile a minute with ideas, and she would love to let others tap into it! Everyone would pick up a pencil and just start – hence the collaboration with wonderful teacher Jamie Shelman for the Pikaland Bootcamp series to encourage artists & illustrators out there to make their mark in the world!

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