Bloggers Q+A: Modish

We’re thrilled to feature another fantastic blogger for our Blogger Q+A series — the ever-inspiring Jena Coray of Modish! Not only is Jena writing about the indie community over at Modish, but she also recently started writing more on her own personal blog called [Bone + Branch] in an effort to dedicate more time to her writing as well.


Name: Jena Coray
Blog: Modish
Contact: jena{AT}

How would you describe Modish’s blog style?
I think the style is feminine and eclectic, colorful and fun (like me? I don’t know!) It’s kinda hard to define a style for it as it feels like a mish-mosh of my various interests, but the writing tone is casual and lighthearted, the products featured are well-crafted and unique and hopefully the blog itself feels like a little spot of sunshine for the people who I’m so grateful to have stop by.

What catches your eye, and what would make you decide to blog about an artist’s work? (Is there a certain style you’re looking for?)
Well, absolutely everything on Modish is handmade, so that’s the first requirement. Be it clothing, jewelry, art or papergoods, I look for things that are made with intention and originality. Anything that makes me think “oh, I haven’t seen that before” is a definite plus. I want to feature people who seem to stay true to themselves as artists and makers, who really value authenticity in their work. Artists who represent themselves kindly, respectfully and professionally always catch my eye.

Who are some of your favourite artists (and is there a particular reason why are they your favorites?
Oh my gosh, there are so many artists’ work that I admire and respect and would cover my walls with if I had enough money to do so! I’ll choose a few whose work I actually own, to help narrow down the very long list:
Camilla Engman
Lisa Congdon
Heather Smith Jones
Mati McDonough
Renee Garner
Jen Corace
I love to see the world through all of these ladies’ eyes.

And are there specific genres that you think might not be a good fit with your blog?
I cover a pretty wide variety of goods, as long as they fall under the handmade umbrella, except for kid’s/baby specific things or wedding specific things… we’ll cross those bridges when we come to them 🙂

We know that some bloggers prefer to get submission emails in a certain way — are there any preference to how they should send in submissions to your blog?
I wrote a really detailed info piece about how to approach bloggers and get them to write about you along with a great example of what your introduction email should have, over on Modish, if you’d like to take a gander at those. Basically, make sure you think your item fits Modish’s audience, send me a personal email and make sure your website and photos look great before you even say hi, so that I get an awesome first impression!

Are there any other tips you’d like to pass on to Pikaland’s readers about selling/marketing their work?
I going to have to refer to my own blog again, as I did a big Modish Marketing series last fall called “How to be a Crafty Marketer.” There you can find lots of advice and a boatload of tips on how to establish your niche, build your personal brand and market yourself as an artist or crafter. I hope you guys will check it out!


{Thank you so much for the tips Jena! }

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C.W. Roelle

I almost gauged my own eyes out with wire once when I tried to make it bend to my will. I know now that the wire god is not one to be trifled with!

Looking at the works of Mr. C.W. Roelle is what I do instead nowadays — he has a flickr pool full of beautiful wire portraits and sculptures which will take your breath away.

And if you’d like a mesh of wired up cheese up on your walls, you now know where to look.

Hsinping Pan

Love the organic lines of Taiwanese artist Hsinping Pan who now resides in sunny California. She loves drawing bright and happy things, so if you’re here reading, it would most probably be right up your alley.

And she does animations as well! She has a portfolio full of her illustrations in motion, and they’re equally chirpy in nature! My favourite of all is the Chiquita Banana.

Head to her shop to buy her prints.

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