Our 2014 artists & illustrators survey results are out!



So you might notice that I’ve been a little quiet this week. It’s for a good reason – I’ve been busy putting together the data collected during the last survey (it’s the one that touched on money and income!) into a handy 32-page PDF that’s available for all to download.

I wrote down a few caveats for those who are interested in the results of the survey: the problems that went into it, and how I should have made it better. Some of the entries had to be discarded/disqualified due to technical errors, and while I was disappointed with that, I’ve learned to take this experience forward and have learnt how to avoid repeating the mistakes I’ve made the next time round. It was the first time I did such a survey and through your comments and suggestions, I learned a lot – so a big thank you to all of you who participated (and to those who chose not to, and wrote to me to tell me why!)

So without further ado, you can click on the below image to kickstart the process of downloading the survey! And remember, I’m always learning, so don’t hesitate to write to me if you have any suggestions or advice to share.  


Have a great weekend folks, and I’ll catch up with you next week!

3 Replies to “Our 2014 artists & illustrators survey results are out!”

  1. Aijung Kim says:

    Thanks for this Amy! I appreciate you sharing your process of creating and tabulating this survey. It was interesting to read, and while it’s hard to compare myself with other countries for the reasons you mentioned, it did give me some hope. I realized that I am not doing too badly compared with many others who are in the arts fields in the US. I do wish there was some way to compare age with income to see if there’s a relationship, though I would guess that older people are making more because of the experience and clout they gain through time. I also wondered how many people who were in higher income brackets did art full-time, and how many had unrelated jobs. Next time, I would like to see income based on specific art-related jobs (such as “Graphic Designers make an average of X”) because that would be more helpful for me to compare and might give people ideas for fields they want to explore, though I do like reading what other kinds of jobs people have. But this is definitely an awesome thing you’re doing, Amy, and I can only hope that more people fill out the survey next year to give an even broader spectrum of results. also, let’s hear from more dudes! maybe not many guys read the blog, but they should! Let’s all air our “dirty laundry” and talk about the taboo subject of money, no matter what we make. We should be proud to be artists!

    1. amy says:

      Thanks so much for your insights and suggestion Aijung! I’m going to look into how I can do some of what you mentioned for sure – they’re great ideas!!

  2. Marta says:

    Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing all this valuable information Amy! It was really interesting to find out how illustrators around the world are doing, although it felt a little disappointing seeing the minimum wage figures. Thanks again. mx

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