Paper cuts

Anastassia Elias

Anastassia Elias

Anastassia Elias

Who knew the humble toilet roll can be a work of art? Anastassia Elias cuts out people and objects (with paper the same color scheme as the roll) and sticks them inside, so that they look as if they’re part of the toilet roll itself! See more at her portfolio site. The juxtaposition of light and shadow makes it a whimsical display of 3D art!

10 Replies to “Paper cuts”

  1. Amy B says:

    brilliant idea, beautifully carried out too 🙂 feel guilty now for throwing a bunch of toilet rolls into the recycling bin this morning.

  2. Gerlin says:

    Oh lordy, those are gorgeous! How does she have the patience and skills to do this? Insane. Insanely awesome though!

  3. Idadown says:

    Wow-amazing. They remind me of those ivory balls with the carvings inside

  4. tali says:

    my god, that’s amazing! some people have a knack for finding beauty where others would never imagine it 🙂

  5. Genius! Hidden treasure.

  6. sirin says:

    !!! adorable <3

  7. Anna Searle says:

    What a clever idea!!!!

  8. My daughter plays with toilet paper rolls all the time so I just showed her this and she exclaimed, “See mom! I’m not the only one!!!” LOL Thanks, now I have to let her save them now. ROFL These are brilliant, I love dioramas and this is a fabulous twist on it.

  9. Awesome! But the roll has just one color, so it’s not exactly a color scheme is it?

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