Pikaland’s Exposure Grant on Society6

Society6 is a platform for the world’s artists and creatives to promote their work and connect with unique opportunities. They make the grant-making process easy and accessible to all individuals, non-profit organizations and corporations who want to support the future of the arts.

A few weeks back they invited Pikaland to give a grant, and now there’s a Pikaland Exposure Grant that will be held monthly. We’re giving out an opportunity grant — the chosen artist/studio will be interviewed on Pikaland, and given a month of free advertising worth USD$45 here on the blog.

Are you Society6 yet? If you aren’t, vamoose over and sign up today!

4 Replies to “Pikaland’s Exposure Grant on Society6”

  1. renee anne says:

    ok so I am joining this site!!

    are aussies allowed to?!?!

    hehe, just setting it all up now and then I shall look into the lovely grant idea thingy! 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    your grant is ace, so simple but certainly does the job. i’m not on society6, but perhaps should add it to my huge to-do list, argh!

  3. Flora says:

    thanks for the tips!

  4. carolyn says:

    oh thats so ace!

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