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Pikaland’s readers are interested in art, illustration and creativity. We also run projects with artists and illustrators, and introduce new artists to a targeted audience. We regularly schedule artist interviews and giveaways as well to promote artists and their shops.

We offer affordable rates for artists and independent shop owners who are looking for a niche audience who appreciates art/illustration and the handmade! Prices start from USD$45 for a basic ad placement (3rd spot onwards) to USD$100 for the two top spots above the fold; and you can opt to increase brand awareness by opting for a sponsor giveaways to be arranged at an additional USD$45.

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[quote] Our experience at Pikaland has been great and has enabled us to reach new people as well as be visited by the right demographic. So thank you so much for everything you’ve done and do in keeping the illustrative world up to date.  ~ Yudit from Zookimono [/quote]

[quote]I’d like to say thanks for everything as the ad spot has given my shop good exposure especially the giveaway! It was really cool to hear from everyone’s responses about my work too, makes me smile!  ~ Jo Cheung [/quote]

[quote] It has been a pleasure to support Pikaland and in return receive many extra visitors to my blog, and a few who took a step further and bought things from my shop too. Having the ad definitely worked for me — I am enjoying the extra traffic and commenters from all over the world that it’s bringing me 🙂
Katie Green [/quote]

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Hey Amy,

I just wanted to say thank you again for putting me up on Pikaland, I’ve gotten picked up by so many other blogs because of that! And a lot of great opportunities have come my way since. It’s really inspired me to keep cranking out new work and ever since you put me on Pikaland it’s been a non-stop rise for me. Thank you so so so much for giving me the opportunity to show my work. It really has opened so many doors.

Thank you again!

Stacey Rozich

I just wanted to say a very big thanks to you and Pikaland.
Your little post brought lots of welcome attention to our project, even a few great illustrators who will be taking part in the project.

Alexx & rcboisjoli for the Bottled Project


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