Frequently Asked Questions

Why illustration? Didn’t you study landscape architecture? How did you end up being a blogger?

It all started really innocently – I was writing and editing full time because I felt I wasn’t suited to being a landscape architect (yes, I chickened out, but it was for my sanity!) I really love the illustrations that were popping up, so I started a blog to just chronicle some of the stuff I like. It got a bit of traction and I found readers who also loved the stuff and folks I’ve featured so it just snowballed from there!

After a few years of doing freelance illustration, I felt my strengths were better suited to art direction and teaching instead. You can read about my decision to concentrate on these two fields on this blog post: Why I’m not a professional illustrator.


Are you making a living from Pikaland?

I earn my income  primarily through teaching (which I absolutely love) – both offline at a local college and online. I created a program called Work/Art/Play in 2013 and I’ve gotten amazing feedback on my teaching methods and for the way I simplify concepts and tie creativity, illustration and entrepreneurship together; making it easy for anyone to understand. I also get a small cut through books I recommend on Amazon (which is where I buy most of my books) – but all my reviews are unbiased. In my spare time, I take on commissions that range from writing, illustration to art direction from individuals, small businesses and corporate clients. I take on projects very selectively!


What’s your editorial policy?

I feature things I like! I don’t like to be pressured into featuring things, especially if they’re things I don’t think would suit the website or that my readers wouldn’t like. I invite folks to write in and send me an message with a link to their works/shop plus a low-res image of their works. And if I love your work, you’ll see it on the blog! But don’t take it personally if you don’t get featured – it just simply means it wasn’t right for us.


You do book reviews – tell me more about those.

Some of the books that I review are sent to me by publishers – I usually request books that I feel Pikaland readers would like, and they’d send me review copies. All my reviews are unbiased and I give out my comments, pros and cons. Also, the publishers do not pay me anything for them. I do link the books to Amazon where I’ll earn some change if you decide to buy them!


Do you recommend things just so you can earn a commission?

HELL TO THE NO. I only recommend things that I would buy, or other people might find useful. For example, if I find a book to be utterly horrid, I won’t even review it on the blog – I’m a firm believer in positive experiences so I choose to be constructive instead of negative.


So you’re based in Malaysia – what’s that like?

It’s hot and humid all year round so there’s lots of sweating going on. Besides that, we have the most awesome food. Come visit and I’ll bring you to eat the best steamed fish (plus rice of course!) and the best hot piping bowl of noodles you’ve ever had!


Do you illustrate?

I do, but only selectively these days. I’ve drawn for Marie Claire, Female and MPH, as well as a few corporate clients. I doodle a lot though, and you can find most of my process and work on Instagram. I find that I’m a better art director than I am an illustrator (because I am able to communicate what I want so that others can translate them visually). Find out why here.


What’s your commenting policy?

I’d like to think of Pikaland as a civil place in addition to being a happy one, so I generally leave all comments up, unless it’s defamatory, overly aggressive or plain disrespectful. Porn and spam are not welcome either!


Why do you write about other illustrators instead of illustrating full-time?

Because I’m better as a art director and project manager, that’s why! Perhaps it’s because I’ve been an editor for a long time so it’s something that I love doing. The whole organising bit, plus the sharing of ideas is what gets me most excited.


You’re based in Malaysia – won’t it take a long time for your packages to arrive to where I am?

Not at all! For standard international shipping, all it takes is the standard 14 working day delivery to reach wherever you are in the world (except Israel – Malaysia can’t ship there, unfortunately!) If you’re in the UK, you’re in luck because it will be quicker – you can expect to receive your package within 10 days!


Where else can I find you?

I’m on Twitter, I have a Facebook Page and you can see what I’m up to on Instagram. I collect visual inspirations on Pinterest too! You can share your work via the Pikaland Flickr Group and of course, I can be contacted at amy{AT}pikaland{DOT}com.


Pikaland in three words:

Happy. Creative. Inspiring.


Can I send you stuff to review, like zines, books or even just some pretty stuff like prints, postcards and stickers?

Why yes you may! But I have to forewarn you – not all of the things you send in will be posted on the blog, especially if I feel it isn’t going to be a good fit. If you just want to say hi and share your stuff regardless of whether it will be featured, you can send them here:

Amy Ng

33 Jalan Taming Kiri 10,

Taman Taming Jaya,

43300 Balakong,

Selangor, Malaysia