The madness that was Chinese New Year

The beginning of each year always seems like a mad rush for me. There’s Christmas, and then New Year and pretty soon before you know it, Chinese New Year has come around, complete with cymbals, angpows and a good dose of firecrackers. (That video above perfectly illustrates what I feel like right now). I feel as though the beginning is just beginning – again – as the last of beginnings roll around.

Maybe that’s a good thing. Think about it – if you lost a bit of fair time recuperating for hectic year-end holiday season during New Year, you can always think of Chinese New Year as your much needed boost to wipe the slate clean (especially when your resolutions haven’t quite kicked in yet).

A resolution for resolutions perhaps?

All I know is, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Happy Chinese New Year all, and if you’re in need of some goat puns to ring it in (there’s just so many this year!), here’s a good recap of the ones that are currently running in South East Asia. And this.

I kid you not. (see what I did there?)

{ Video by Flatmind, credit goes to Elia Gardella and a team. See more details over at Behance. }

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  1. Angie DIxon says:

    Thank you. I usually do my resolutions around my birthday near the end of January. This year I didn’t, and I’ve really been able to tell. So I’m going to do Chinese New Year’s resolutions this year and get back on track next year.

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