A quick change

Hi folks!

If you’ve noticed that something has changed here, well by golly you’re right. I’ve given the website a bit of a facelift (some of you have noticed that the site has been down for 24 hours a couple of days ago too!)

So far I’m still making small tweaks here and there on the fly, so don’t be alarmed if you see something weird going on about these parts. Hopefully I’ll be done in the next few days!

Making any sort of change to my website has always been a daunting task in my mind. There’s so many things that could go wrong, and yet there are many things that could go right too, especially once a change has been made.

It took me some time to re-grasp and refresh my CSS vocabulary in making changes to the website. A few years back I could change up codes without even bothering to make a mock-up beforehand! I did try going his route for a couple of hours before I stopped myself – I wasn’t going anywhere, and the design I had in mind wasn’t unfolding as I had expected it to. You know, by sheer magic.

So I fired up good old Photoshop and put my thoughts onto a tangible form, instead of winging it like I did before. And I got lucky because I got it all out on the screen in the matter of minutes. Tweaking the codes  was so much easier once I had a visual reference to follow – I did myself a favor by extracting what I had in mind and to throw it out there. In fact it should have been the first thing that I did. Though I did sketch out some layout preferences, nothing beats a straight up mock up. Or the actual sitting-down-to-get-the-hard-part-over-it phase, instead of hemming and hawing around with nothing to show for it.

So here’s my thought for the week: put that hand on your canvas. Or click that button already. If you’ve been putting off making a change, no matter how small, think of this as a friendly reminder that it’s never to late to begin.

Go  on, it’s your move.

5 Replies to “A quick change”

  1. Annemarie says:

    I love the new look Amy! I Pretty dots, pretty colors 🙂

  2. Simply love this striking new website design of Pikaland, Amy! Its simple, yet powerful I think, just like your work.

    1. amy says:

      Thank you kindly Ambika! xo

  3. I definitely noticed something! Great work, I love the new look.

  4. love the new look, and agree with your experience of needing to have some form of visual sketch in hand to give structure to your efforts

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