Review: Low Tech Print & Walk the Line [GIVEAWAY!]

Low Tech Print

Low Tech Print

Low Tech Print


By Caspar Williamson / Softcover / 224 pages

There is always something intangible that jumps right out at you when you’re looking at something that’s printed by hand – and I’m not talking about the results of moving one’s cursor across the screen through the mouse. No. I’m talking about those that need an apron to keep the stains away, where paint gets deep under your fingernail and where the term “registration” isn’t about signing up for something online.

Low Tech Printscours the studios, artists and designers who are currently making contemporary hand-made printing hip again. The book captures the subtleties offered by printmaking in its full glory through generous spreads that contain not just the finished products, but also the process that goes behind them.

Divided into four different sections: screenprinting, letterpress, relief printing and other printing methods, the book is a visual feast of hand printed goodness of the best kind. Not only does it introduce you to lots of inspiring work done by current top designers and studios – it invites you to join in, first through its history and then a simplified guide to each printing process. Available on Amazon.

Walk the Line

Walk the Line


Ana Ibarra & Marc Valli / Hardcover / 320 pages

To tell you the truth, I’ve always been a little skeptical of the pencil. I think it has something to do with looking at a large amount of student work who uses the medium as a starting point, but never quite venturing very far with it. Heck, I’m guilty of that myself! But a flip through Walk the Line has changed my mind – and my perception – of what a pencil and an artist that wields it can do.

The book is an interesting mix and match of styles and techniques – whether it’s exploration of skills through pencil or charcoal, or how some of the artists have managed to turn other mediums (like watercolor and even chalk) to resemble works made by another medium; it’s an interesting browse into the subject of drawing. What I loved too was the brief but insightful interviews with each individual artists that sheds a light onto their processes and technique.

The subject of realism is touched upon here too – as a lot of drawing tends to stem towards capturing the essence of “real” things. While I’m not a fan of realism, the drawings that did capture my attention were the ones that detailed out imaginary landscapes and creatures, of objects and stories – things that could have just stayed in an artist’s imagination – but instead were brought to life via drawings. It’s a great book for artists who’s obsessed about pencil! Available via Amazon.


Here comes the best part! Laurence King Publishing is giving away a copy each of the books above to two lucky Pikaland readers! All you have to do is to leave a comment on which book you’d like and why. Easy peasy! The giveaway is open from now till next week (3rd of April) to anyone, anywhere; so hop on over to the comments to join in!

Winners will be announced on this post and also be contacted via email.

** The giveaway winners are: Kristin for Low Tech Print & Alessandra for Walk the Line – I’ll be in touch via email! Thanks so much for entering the giveaway folks!**

Both winners were generated via – I deleted multiple submissions and then organized the commenters by the time they submitted their entry!


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136 thoughts on “Review: Low Tech Print & Walk the Line [GIVEAWAY!]

  1. I’d love to pore over Walk the Line! As an amateur painter, every time I improve my drawing skills, my paintings improve too! I’d love to learn some new techniques and get inspired. Thanks!

    • I’d love to have the Low Tech Print.
      I really love prints. Forgot to mention, as an illustrator I always love to discover new techniques and ideas – though I rarely create prints for orderd works – it is mainly for my personal works that I create prints. And I’d love to have that book, it looks so interesting!

  2. I would love the Low Tech Print book! I’m an avid print collector and I also like to dabble in printmaking from time to time! That would be so much fun to read! 🙂

    • walk the line would be great — I’m an art and animation student and always eager to learn and try something different

  3. I would love to own Walk the Line! 99% of my work are colored pencil drawings, so it would be great to read a book that really shows the potential of these overlooked mediums!

  4. Both books sound super interesting, but I would love a copy of Walk the Line. I use my computer so much, some times I forget that I like to draw. Recently, I’ve made a commitment to myself to spend more time offline with my pencil + sketchbook. Walk the Line sounds like just the inspiration I need, right now. 🙂

  5. Wow, thanks for this great giveaway! It’s hard to decide,
    both of them look so interesting and inspirational!
    huh, but in the end, I’d probably pick the Low Tech Print.

  6. I need help in both areas equally so either one would be fantastic. I do find myself drawn quite a bit to all types of printing but have only tried one very basic kind. Have watched several demonstrations & bought several hand made prints that have left me wanting much more JUICE!! So Cool if I could BE the ONE to be blessed with LOW TECH PRINT.

  7. I’d love to receive a copy of Low Tech Print to share with my other class mates. I’m trying to put together a small library for our design department at the college I’m attending. This would be a great addition!

  8. Hello there! I’d love to have the low tech print book. I took a screen-printing class some years ago and fell in love with it completely, but never proceeded in that direction. Would love to get back to some analog printing techniques, it’s usually so rewarding and so much more beautiful. Many thanks & all the best!

  9. Hi Amy,

    As someone who often loses patience with my drawings, I’d love to browse through Walk the Line. It looks like this book shows many different techniques and ways to push the envelope with pencils. This is something I need help with, as I often don’t take my pencil drawings as far as I should.

  10. I’d really like to have the Walk the Line book because I’m very interested in different ways that other artists use pencil. It’s also the main tool I use because I find that I can manipulate pencil and charcoal more into what I want it to be versus other drawing tools.

  11. Both books look really interesting , and as we have no serious local bookstore I would probably have missed them, thanks for the nudge. I think I’d pick Low Tech Print because I’ve been experimenting with no press printing techniques for a while. It’s always nice to see new artist’s work and process.

  12. Ohhh….they both look fantastic! I would especially like Low Tech Print at this point in time. But seriously: wow! Both are so enticing, and so Pikaland-ish.

  13. Both look great, but Low Tech Print is what I do most days. I still work in traditional ways, with screens, inks and paper stencils and it’s nice to know that this approach is becoming cool! Have been feeling increasingly out of the loop for not embracing high tech. Must say that the examples shown in the book, look anything but low tech!!

  14. Low Tech Print looks awesome!! I took a printmaking class in college but don’t have all of the equipment to be able to do that type of printing from home. I would love to see more of how the more simple printmaking process works!

    Emi 🙂

  15. This is fantastic! I´m currently leading a class about low tech print and didn’t know the book – I would love to be able to spread the skills with the book!! 🙂 🙂 Thank you!

  16. Hello! Both books look really nice, but personally I’d like the “Low Tech Print”! I love printmaking and am sure I would thoroughly enjoy this book!

    Thanks for doing a giveaway and cheers!

  17. Thrilled to see printmaking having such a wonderful resurgence.The hours at uni I spent knee-deep in slivers of lino and feeling the knife glide through the sheet were special indeed.

    But the humble pencil is a fabulous weapon. There is something gloriously accessible and free about it, and I love its immediacy; to see what it is capable of in the hands of an artist is a fine thing.

    Hand me that copy of Walk the Line!

  18. Hallo,
    I would love to have a copy of LOW TECH PRINT :-)! I’m a young broke illustrator making first steps. This book is right in place to make a whole bunch of postcards to seduce every art director in Germany :-D.

  19. Hello !! I’m always looking for inspiration and Low Tech print just caught my eye. After years of drawing I’ve found myself in a charcoal rut…absolutely no colorspiration! What can compare with inexpensive and inspiration!

  20. Low tech print looks great! I’m a little into linoprint and it would be amazing to read the book to seek some inspiration for my work!

  21. Yo yo yo,
    low tech print is the book for me,
    send it my way please for free,
    i’ll read it in the day, into the night,
    read it so much, my eyes will go white.

    Print print printy print,
    I love de printy print.

  22. I would love the Low Tech Print book. I am just getting back into printmaking after a 15 year hiatus. Inspiration is very welcome–plus my teenager is taking screen printing in high school next year, so the book would get double use!

  23. They both look super cool, but I’d love to have a copy of Low Tech Print (if I don’t win…I might just have to buy it). Thanks for the giveaway!!

  24. I’d really like the book “Low tech Print”, cause I’m a new illustrator in France, and I’m sure this would be a good window for inspiration, knowledge, and discoveries so… I let fate do his work 🙂
    Have a nice and shiny day!*

  25. Walk the Line is my choice. I am obsessed with drawing; my admittedly limited first definition of an artist was someone who could draw and do it well.

    Thank you so much for the chance to put my name in the happy pot!

  26. Oh wow…. Low Tech Print looks awesome!

    I love hands on printing
    I love the fact you never exactly know what you are going to get
    I love the little imperfections
    I love a messy inky apron
    I even love cleaning up (there must be something wrong with me)
    I LOVE my little screen printing world 🙂

  27. Wow, both books look really great. I am definitely going to make a thorough google research for printing books like that one – I’m a little in love with Low Tech Print!

  28. Low Tech Print seems very interesting for me! 😉
    I’m looking for new ways for reproduce my work as illustrator.

  29. Both books look very interesting, but I have to go for Walk the Line, that would be interesting. I am totally nuts about drawing and illustration. I have a infinite respect for those artist as I know how hard it is to produce something PERFECT. I’d love to learn about the artist who actually reached the perfection, so that’s why.

  30. Hello 😀

    I would absolutely love a copy of Low Tech Print because I’d have fun relearning the process of screen printing and learning other techniques I’ve never attempted before! Thank you!

  31. Id love a copy of “low tech print!” (though both sound great) I have been making mono prints lately and am always inspired by learning new methods and seeing what other printmakers are doing. 🙂

  32. Thank you for this giveaway! They both look very interesting, but if I could win one, I’d pick Walk the Line, it would probably be a great inspiration for my current 365 Drawing Experiment. 🙂

  33. Wow – how to choose??!? Low Tech Prints is the winner for me – I make lino prints and would love to see what all these great printmakers have been up to and get some inspiration from their tips and secret tricks.

    Thanks for the great giveaway – fingers crossed 🙂

  34. I’d love to have both books! 😀 but I think the Low Tech Print would be suitable for me right now since I am trying to explore different styles of printing.I would love to share it to my friends and make a group project with them so we could share our printed arts on cards 🙂 ~ Oh please I really wanna have this one 🙂 I wanna share my knowledge from this book to my other craft mates 😀

  35. This was a hard one – I want both of them for different and of course very important reasons! But because I have to choose, I’d love ‘Low Tech Print.’ Printmaking has been one of my favourite things for years, but because I haven’t done any for a while, I’ve become a bit scaredy-cat about it (and don’t want to be!)

  36. Hi Amy,
    As an art teacher, it falls upon me all the time to convince students that drawing is important and relevant in todays art world. The book ‘Walk the Line’ would really help me to do that! Thanks! x

  37. Oh Amy I would LOVE a copy of Low Tech Print!! It’s funny this competition has just occurred as I bought the book from amazon the other day. However, I got an email saying they had wrongly listed it in the marketplace and that there were no more copies. I was really upset!! Winning this copy would marvelously make up for that 😉 I’ve been having another ‘Artistential crisis’ lately but have been finding books of other’s work helpful in helping me wade through the swamp of self-doubt and discouragement. I’ve been hoping to try my hand at print but never had the guts. Whether I win or not I’ll always love your blog and the great work that you do for your fellow illustrators! Xx

  38. Low Tech Print please!
    Because it would be an awe-inspiring, mind blowing, art-making-fever-inducing graduation gift for me, a very soon-to-be graduate of the Communication Arts program at Virginia Commonwealth University!

  39. Honestly, I’d love both but that’s too much haha. I love looking at different uses of a medium and reading about an artists perspective on that medium and his/her creative process. I think that exploration is crucial in creating a personal style because then I get to test out different processes and mediums and pick which to integrate into my own. It expands my world. That’s why I would choose Walk the Line. Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. I love printmaking. I love the hands-on-ness of it. I make linocut prints mainly. I would love a copy of Low Tech Print to inspire me even more through the work of others. Thank you for the opportunity!

  41. Both books are insightful 🙂
    I would love have a copy of the Low TEch Print. It is going to be really helpful and inspiring for my Graphic Design students. I am sure, it will inspire them enough to move away from the computer screens and do some exciting ‘hands-on’ stuff.

  42. I would LOVE to win a copy of LOW TECH PRINT by Caspar Williamson.
    WHY? you ask…
    Because…I have forgotten what it’s like, the pleasure of getting my hands dirty!! 🙂

  43. Hi Amy,
    They both look right up my street! I think I would opt for Low Tech Print though as a lot of my work is hand drawn and I am still experimenting with my Gocco printer and would welcome other ideas on other print methods to try from my kitchen table. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  44. Hi Amy!

    What a fantastic giveaway! The Low Tech Print book grabbed me straight away as in college I took Printmaking for a short term. I love the outcome of physically printing your own work by hand – the happy accidents and the beautiful imperfections of it. I haven’t done Printmaking in a while and sorely miss it! I think this book will be the push I need to get back into doing it again! Thanks for an amazing giveaway!

  45. Walk the Line is definitely my must-have. I am a bit odd in general, in the sense that I have always preferred the pencil to digital, from my student days to my professional days. When everybody at work were producing digital renders for clients, I was always asked to whip up something quick in pen or pencil. This book somehow reminds me how lucky I am to enjoy this part of me. By looking at others’ work, I get a good glimpse of how other people experiment in the versatile hand- drawn world. Great giveaway, by the way!

  46. I really would love to receive Walk the Line. As I am a great fan of artist’s sketchbooks, because of trying to understand their way of thinking, I also like intervieuws with creative people. For the same reason: How does this creative stuff works.. What steps do they take

  47. I’d love to win Low Tech Print, because I’ve never tried printing myself, and it would encourage me to do so. Plus, I love “messy” arts. 🙂

  48. Wow. Inspiration overload! I reckon the low tech print book is very much up my boulevard. Something magical about the print making process I keep coming back to. Pick me!

  49. They are both really interesting, but I’m a graphic designer and I’m allways in love with all hand printed works! 😉 so I would like Low Tech Print.
    Keep doing the good work! Much love!

  50. ive recently started screenprinting and do enjoy lithography as well. I like beeing crafty in the workshop. So i would like to read more about it. To hold “Low Tech Print” in my hands would be perfect!

  51. I’d love to own Low Tech Print. First, I love print (of course, who wouldn’t) and did a lot of printing back when I had access to my art schools facilities. I love the process, the physical activity, the smell of printing. This book would surely be a huge inspiration on printing more often again. Secondly, I love books. Especially books about illustration, art, print – they are like my personal picture books I flip through with shining eyes. My ambitious goal is to make my bookshelves shatter under the weight of my beloved books. I’d welcome Low Tech Print with open arms.

  52. I’ve been scared of drawing ever since art school, where my drawings were described as ‘stiff’ and ‘schoolish’….it killed my drive to draw completely, which is painful to think about as I was drawing every day as a kid/teen. So I’d like to read Walk The Line to be inspired to pick it up again (and put down the mouse).

  53. Drawing is kind of hard work for me. I never was talented and still it is the one thing I try, just the opposite of you, I wish to recreate what I see and find and catch moments and people, places to remember them better, to make them special somehow and to get into a state to eventually really see.
    For this year I started a 600 pages sketchbook 😀
    So as you probably think I am interested in “Walk the line”, as I am interested in seeing drawings as well. New approaches and new artists I might never have heard of seem to be very interesting!

  54. Both books look wonderful. Mmmm. Drawing. Printmaking. Mmmm Printmaking. Drawing. Choices. Choices. I guess I would pick the printmaking book. No. Wait! OK. OK. Printmaking. Final answer.

  55. Both books look like amazing giveaways! I have to go with Low Tech Print though, since that is what I really want to explore. Thanks for the opportunity!

  56. I would love a copy of Low Tech Print! I’ve recently gotten into hand printing – both with a gelli plate, and making my own stamps. I would love to learn some new techniques!

  57. Low Tech Print please! I really love printmaking, I’m applying in a couple of moths for a master in printmaking, I’m sure this book would teach and motivate me a lot.

  58. Thank you for sharing Pikaland.
    I would love to give Low Tech Print to Annemieke, a good friend of mine.
    I hope it will inspire her to make a book of her own one day.
    I know she loves hand made printed paper. It would be a wonderfull surprise for her.

  59. “Low Tech Print” would definitely be the book for me. It’s funny that the photo you chose to use is of Tugboat Printshop. I have been following them for years now. I am such a big fan. The details are insane!

    In school I was obsessed with printmaking. Marking marks on paper is therapeutic and undeniably fun for anyone. Humans have been making prints forever. I am so glad to be a part of it.

  60. I would love walk the line! I adore drawing and using pencils, but would really love to try to take my work further! The book looks so inspiring, I love reading interviews by artists to gain an insight into their thoughts and techniques – this would definitely be the book for me!

  61. I would really love to WALK THE LINE effortlessly hoping to explore the unknowns. Thank you for being an active blogger 🙂 started loving it <3

  62. I can already picture myself devouring over Walk the Line! Thank you for bringing this wonderous looking book to my attention 🙂 Discovering the powers of the humble pencil would be simply awesome!

  63. Even though I would die to look over the pages from Low Tech Print, I think at this point of my career, I would choose Walk the Line first. Both are VERY interesting and they intrigue me! Thanks for these books to the publishers and more importantly to Pikaland for showing such a wonderful treasures! 🙂

  64. I’d love to win a copy of low tech print! I did a screenprinting course and fell in love with the medium, but then I became a mum last year (twins!) and I can’t make it to the local open-access studio anymore. The book would be real inspiration to get back into being creative!

  65. I’m a print-nerd, so I want “Low Tech Print!” I would love to add it to my collection of art and technique books about printmaking. it would be so inspiring. plus, i also teach printmaking so i’m always looking for new approaches to teach the medium. thanks!

  66. I would love to win Low Tech Print because printmaking is beautiful (I had the chance to do a collagraphy course once and it was also messy, creative fun!) and the book looks inspiring.

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