Paper/Dress/Maps : The work of Elisabeth Lecourt

Elisabeth Lecourt

Elisabeth Lecourt

Elisabeth Lecourt

Elisabeth Lecourt

Elisabeth Lecourt

Sometimes I see things online that are so interesting that I make a mental note of it to myself and leave it at just that. For example, I saw these dresses made out of maps by artist Elisabeth Lecourt, based in London, over at Lost at E Minor a couple months ago and I just saved a note about it on my Springpad – an app that holds most of my personal notes and observations. I share a little less here than I did a year ago, because I thought that I didn’t need to contribute more noise out there, since others were doing a pretty bang up job at it anyway.

But then I asked myself what this blog was for, right from the beginning – it’s not just for you, my dear readers. It’s also for me – you guys are just taking a peek into my brain, really (don’t worry, you’re all invited). I must apologize because I sometimes forget that – performance anxiety and all. And gosh darn it – if I see something that makes me squeal with delight – even if it has been reblogged a thousand times already – then I’ll try my best to remember that perhaps you haven’t squealed just yet.

So take a look at Elisabeth’s work and notice how her creativity spans not just maps and paper, but she turns whatever she touches into a means of expression. Read her artist’s statement:

[quote] Sensitivity and vulnerability are the main subjects in the work of the artist Elisabeth Lecourt. In the work of Elisabeth Lecourt the feminine figure is seen like the spine of her house, like an essential component of this particular world. But the woman like structure to medular can be a contradiction, because although funge like the strong part that maintains the building, is also vulnerable and touching. The vulnerability of the human being, the fragility of the bodies exposed by Lecourt proposes a painful beauty as well, as much by the emotional thing of the topic like by its own necessity to understand our body and what there is within us. [/quote]

[Via Lost at E Minor]

6 Replies to “Paper/Dress/Maps : The work of Elisabeth Lecourt”

  1. I’m lost for words – this is utterly beautiful. I make clothes, I paint and I love maps so this is like the most indulgent combination of stuff I can imagine. I shall pass it on!

  2. ella says:

    Wow these are breathtakingly exquisite!!

  3. Nino says:

    This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen recently! Thank you for sharing it and not keeping it for yourself.

  4. Jardley says:

    These works pull you in immediately. They also remind me of my mother’s old drawing/garment journal in that the shape of those dresses are exactly the same.

    I wonder if the artist is looking at clothing from 40-50 years ago to draw from.

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