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User design books

UK-based graphic design firm User Design sent me a their house offering – a trilogy of books that straddles three different topics; all which makes for a rather interesting read (except for one that doesn’t have text to read from, but still!).

User Design books: Punctuation..?

Punctuation..? features the functions and correct uses of 21 of the most used punctuation marks – all delivered in a simple one-page per punctuation format. The rather drab subject of punctuation is given a new spin by User Design’s scrawny scribbles, which add lots of whimsy and fun to the topic.

User design books: The Journey of Larks

The Journey of Larks is a book filled with play on words, coupled with illustrations and typography to bring home the point. If you love language in all its nuances and glory, this is a book you’d want on your bookshelf!

User design books: Life

Their third book, Life is a pure picture book – unbridled from any text – that features a story about a day in the life of somebody. I find User Design’s line work to be the most interesting in this offering; there’s lots of details to discover if you look closer. Everything looks simple, and yet it isn’t. And that’s life, really.

What I really liked most was the simplicity of the idea behind these books; as well as how they felt in my hands – firm yet reassuringly quirky. See more of User Design’s books at their website and you can also order it from Amazon.


Have a great weekend folks!

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