Desktop wallpaper series: Natasha Durley

Natasha Durley | Desktop wallpaper 2012

Today marks the last Friday of September and come Monday it’s going to be a whole new month! To celebrate October’s impending arrival, I’ve invited one of my new favorite illustrators (there’s too many to count, really) – “Natasha Durley”: to do up something for our desktop wallpaper series! She recently graduated from The Arts University College Bournemouth, and was named as a Best of Year winner for the 2012 D&AD Awards.


Other sizes:

iPad: 1024 × 1024

See more of Natasha Durley’s work via her website, blog and also on Twitter!


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Natasha Durley

Natasha Durley

Natasha Durley

Natasha Durley

Natasha Durley

Natasha Durley

I’ve got a huge crush on Natasha Durley’s work. I can’t quite place if it’s the colors, the fun imagery or the fun landscapes that she surrounds her characters with; but if I had to whittle it down to a word, the only thing that pops into mind right now is cheery. Which isn’t a bad thing at all these days, with the weather going crazy in some parts of the world (stay strong UK!)

An excerpt from her About page:
She can be found working with a mixture of charcoal, ink, pencil and paper cut outs, using the computer as a final editing tool. Vibrant colours reflect the playful side of her work which often celebrates the natural world, scientific exploration, botanical oddities and the mystery of the unknown.

She has a book out called Curio as well – you should see more of it on her website!

And pssst, here’s a bit of a secret – I waited a wee bit to post about her because she’s going to be our desktop wallpaper artist for October – coming up later today!

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