A lightness in the air

The writer Italo Calvino believed that knowledge was in literature. On his book “‪Six Memos for the Next Millennium‬” he wrote beautifully about the values that he believed to be important to transmit to the generation of the year 2000.

Lightness, quickness, exactitude, visibility, multiplicity and consistency. The first of these values resulted on the exhibition “Havia um ar de leveza” (There was an air of lightness in portuguese), with Suzzana Magalhães as curator.

I invited Joana Zimmermann to partner with me. We created a piece called “Play me, I’m yours” that makes it clear to be interactive. The spectators are transformed into participants, sitting on the swing and giving life to the piece. When you move, the movement also gives balance to the other swing on the side, where is Minos, our guardian.

On the video below you can see how fun it is to interact with it!

Who sits and starts to swing, immediately realizes that its inserted in a kind of a fabled scene, with cellophane clouds above their heads, a tribute to Perseu and also to Brasília, the city where the exhibition is taking place! 🙂

We are proposing the physical lightness, the subtraction of the weight, that needs movement to exist.

The exhibition is free and its open to the public on the Cultural Center of the Aliance Française at Brasília (Brazil) until the 3rd of August.

If you manage to go, take a picture with Minos and send to us please! 😀

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