Daydreaming at night

Scouts Honor Co.

A lot of times, my day starts with a long list of to-dos. And when the day is done, I’m happiest when I see that most of them are checked off for the day. And so I go to bed, but instead of going to sleep right away, I think about things. Things like ideas that I’m working on, and of how I’d like things to run around here.

And it just occurred to me that I daydream at night. Mostly.

And I stopped myself one night because this made no sense. Why shouldn’t I daydream when I’m awake, instead of doing this at night where I’m haunted by possibilities and get all worked up and unable to get into a restful slumber?

I’ve come to realize that my days were filled with things I have to do, that I forget to think about the things I want to do.

And therein lies the problem.
Turns out wandering does wonders for the mind.
But a wandering mind at night just… wanders.

Daydream instead.


Have a great start to the weeks folks!

Image by Scout’s Honor Co. – a stationery studio based in Burlington, Vermont, who hasn’t been getting proper credits on Pinterest!

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