Sketchbook: Marina Grechanik





I’m sick today so I’m spending a lot of time in bed, but also I’m looking through a lot of flickr photos from the Pikaland Flickr group and I came across these sketchbooks by Marina Grechanik from Israel.

I love how detailed each one is – from the setting to the person’s face (and sometimes exaggerated features!) You can read more about Marina via her portfolio or see more images via her Flickr stream.

4 Replies to “Sketchbook: Marina Grechanik”

  1. clare says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful sketchbook!!

  2. What wonderful sketchbook drawings. I love how much time and detail went into them.

  3. sue-chan says:

    Just really honest from-the-heart drawing. Wonderful!

  4. Rita says:

    I spent an hour just watching her flickr gallery. she is amazing! so simple but so very beautiful. thanks for sharing.

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