5 Replies to “Renegade Craft Fair in London!”

  1. Gerlin says:

    Amy, you’re the best! First I find out about that Ben Nexman exhibit in London, now this! I’m moving on Monday so will be sure to pay this a visit! What I love is that it’s free entrance and the people behind it seem passionate, which is alas not always the case with these fairs.
    I can’t wait!! Thanks again!

  2. Can you just imagine all the simply marvelous things people will create for the London show!?!? I’m basking in artful daydreams 🙂

  3. Roni says:

    I went to the one in Brooklyn and it hands-down changed my outlook on DIY small business. I can only imagine it’s effect from the big city of London!

  4. Jo Cheung says:

    yay I’ll be going along!!

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