Jardley Jean-Louis

Jardley Jean-Louis

Jardley Jean-Louis

Jardley Jean-Louis

Jardley Jean-Louis is a young artist who’s currently based in NY, and she was mentioning to me that she sent these pictures off to a greeting card company, but was turned down. I thought that her work was pretty good actually – I really am enjoying the pen work that punctuates her work, and the colors that she chooses.

Here’s the thing: While I don’t see her work being picked up by greeting card companies, I think she would do really well in editorial and publishing. I think she has an interesting style that she can explore within different areas of illustration.

And a little reminder to those out there; don’t try too hard to fit your style to those that belong to brands or manufacturers. You’ll be better off trying to find those that fit YOUR current style.

2 Replies to “Jardley Jean-Louis”

  1. the expression of absolute exhaustion/contemplation on the dad’s face (top image) and his arm hair are amazing.

  2. Betty says:

    These are really nice! I especially like that top one too. There’s something about the angular formality of the composition mixed with the more free flow, organic lines of the family on the couch that is such an interesting combo.

    Great call on the editorial suggestion and for the encouragement to keep the style and just find a better fit! It would be sad if Jardley veered away from all the good she has going on just because they didn’t become greeting cards.

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