Happy Mini Mail

Daily Happy Mini Mail

Daily Happy Mini Mail

Daily Happy Mini Mail

Daily Happy Mini Mail

Amsterdam-based artist Lies Goemans has been painting these tiny works of art that measures 2” x 2” (or 5cm x 5cm) for awhile now, and what’s beautiful about them is not only are they small, but the project started out as one that is rooted in friendship. Lies initially drew them for a sick friend as a daily pick-me-up for her as she battled with her illness. Since her friend passed on, she decided that perhaps others might need these daily happy mail as well.

If you know anyone who might need a little bit of love delivered to their inbox, do head over to Lies’ website
to send a little bit of happy mail their way.

3 Replies to “Happy Mini Mail”

  1. They are lovely aren’t they, I’ve been following them for quite a while now and it nice to see them getting attention here on this very special site!

  2. Amy says:

    Aww thanks Rodney! 🙂

  3. Lies says:

    Hi Amy thanks for your superpost i’ve just downloaded your ‘featured logo’ and hope visitors of my miniatures will also start living the illustrated pikaland life 🙂 & Rodney thanks for your sweet comment!

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