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Ana Albero

Ana Albero

Ana Albero’s work

Ana Albero is a freelance illustrator based in Berlin, who, together with Till Hafenbrak (featured previously) is two thirds of the collective trio of Biografiktion — the other one being Paul Paetzel – a comic meister and illustrator rolled into one. They all met while taking Illustration classes in the University of Arts in Berlin, and have gone on to develop their own styles while collaborating on various projects together.

Like day and night (day)


Paul Paetzel’s work

Together, all three of them form the self publishing wonder Biografiktion where they work together to produce limited edition zines and posters. Their energy is amazing!

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  1. Minifanfan says:

    I really love this kind of style!

  2. ttf says:

    oh, but that’s also salmiak in the picture, together at the treasure fleet booth in angouleme.

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