Sponsor giveaway: Gabrielle Rose

Gabrielle Rose giveaway

We’re thrilled to bring you a giveaway this Tuesday, courtesy of San Francisco-based artist Gabrielle Rose – she’s the lady behind some of the loveliest watercolor and ink drawings that’s been floating out there online, and an opportunity to collect some of her work is not to be missed (need proof? Look at what happened last year when she held a giveaway here!

Gabrielle has put together a fantastic package of giclee prints – Girl with Key and Two Headed with Arrows along an 5 illustrated notecards bundled in a set that’s worth USD$53 in all!

To be in the running, just leave a comment on what’s your favorite medium for expressing yourself (or for those who aren’t making marks yet, what would you like to master?) — watercolor, acrylics, or just good old pencil? Share it with us!

We’ll hold a lucky draw when entries close next week Tuesday, 28th June!

In the meantime, see more of her work here:
:: Gabrielle’s Etsy shop ::
:: Blog ::

*UPDATE: Commenting has now closed, thanks so much for participating. The winner of this giveaway is Chelsea Miller as chosen via random.org!


119 thoughts on “Sponsor giveaway: Gabrielle Rose

  1. I absolutely adore these pieces!

    Because of the need for me draw the technical details and lines of a new garment design, the almighty pencil has become my friend (and occasionally charcoals as well.)

  2. I wouldn’t call myself a creative person at all so I don’t work with watercolours or any of the other stuff mentioned by you but I do like writing and I always pick my trusty and plain blue ballpoint pen for that. Pretty boring but that’s the truth! ANd I love these goodies by Gabrielle so I just had to enter 🙂

  3. My favorite mediums are natural ones. I love the play of watercolor on paper, the metamorphosis of clay between your fingers, and the glow of woodgrain as you apply the final coat of oil.

    Beautiful work Gabrielle! I love when watercolors really get to sing.

  4. I have had a longtime love affair with Pigma micron pens. You’ll be hard pressed to find another company that makes pens with finer tips. They allow for me to get as detailed in my drawings as I can possibly imagine. Usually I work with them just on a nice sketchbook or some printmaking paper. I’m a little bit of a control freak when it comes to my art, so I envy the people that can paint with giant huge strokes, the way I could never bring myself to do.

    Gabrielle’s pieces are absolutely stunning, and I would LOVE to be able to hang them in my apartment!

  5. i didnt’ knew her, i just falled in love with her etsy shop! i don’t draw so much, actually I can only made cute animal plushies 🙂

  6. I’ve just been doodling with a black Zig pen in a small sketchbook lately… trying to add some creativity (in small amounts) each day. 😀

  7. My favourite medium is gouache. I’ve only started using it since last week but have absolutely fallen in love with it. I don’t think I have mastered the medium yet, but all I think about is what I can paint next. Come over to my blog and have a look, love to hear your feedback.

  8. Love Gabrielle’s work!

    Normally I would say watercolours and then a bit of cutting out*editing in photoshop. But recently lost all possible inspiration and have to express my creativity through cooking. 🙂

  9. Gosh, I would love to draw songs and sew words together using a little nail polish here and there!

    Amy, I love your blog. Thanks for all you inspiration!

  10. I love mixing – mixing transfer/collage with watercolors, markers and pens… : )
    ..Hadn’t seen Gabrielle Rose’s work before, it’s gorgeous; heading to her etsy to have a look now.

  11. Pencil line drawing on textured backgrounds. Although most of the animation work i do has forced me to replicate the effects in Flash. Nothing beats the real hand drawn stuff though, that makes my heart beat… as does Gabrielles work

  12. Good ol’ pencil! no competition! (although I do traditional animation… so “unfair competition” is more accurate)

  13. My preferred medium is watercolor.I feel like I don’t have to fight with it as I do with acrylic and oils ,it works with me. The magic of it is like watching a photographic print form in solution ,the layers form and undulate until they create an image working harmoniously.Watercolor for me is like transparent transcendental joy,how the water works with the color and the varying effects.Its like painting on air. (so there is my love letter to watercolor)

  14. I would love to master watercolour. I love the look of them, but every time I try it’s just a mess. I will get there in the end though.

  15. After taking a book arts class last semester, the letterpress is my favorite! I love the process of setting up the press, inking it, and registering the print. The embossment left on the paper is always so beautiful to me. I am so excited to continue working on the letterpress— making books, cards and posters. Happy Art Making Everyone!

  16. I am all about the watercolors. I’ve only been doing them for about half a year, but I’ve become obsessed. They’re just so wonderful and alive — the image can live or die by any happy accident or horrible mistake. I love them.

  17. Gabby actually inspired me to try watercolors, and that is my new favorite medium! I’ve only been doing it for a couple weeks, but it’s definitely my new favorite way to art. I also like drawing, and making stuff with perler beads :]

  18. I focus more on water color art mixed with knitting. It’s something new I just started and I’m falling in love!

  19. I think mixing media is my favorite way of making art. Using graphite, pen, and watercolor together makes an interesting composition, in my opinion.

  20. I like to try different things to keep my art sort of fluid, but acrylics all the way. I definitely want to practice with oils though. They’re tough.

  21. Watercolor and charcoal, all day every day. It’s kind of tricky to mix them without having them all run together, but I’m getting used to it 🙂

  22. My favorite medium for expressing myself is through song and dance actually. But I’d like to get better at using ink or watercolor! Gabby’s art is so fluid and I’d love to be able to create something like that too!

  23. pencils and ballpoint pens! but lately i’ve been toying around with Sharpies. just regular ol’ stuff for me for now, but i’d love to learn how to use watercolors.

  24. Watercolor. It’s spontaneous yet controlled, free yet contained. I let it flow and trickle gently sometimes, or I make it stay in one intense cluster on my paper. I feel unencumbered with this medium (as opposed to with the very limiting oils and acrylics) as I’m free to wash away or add on, free to spill over the edges with my brush, free to marry colors, free to do anything… For me, it’s an effortless experience and a true way of expression.

  25. Personally I am drawing/sketching/painting inept. In fact I can barely draw a straight line with a ruler, let alone a whole person. That is why I prefer pottery. As someone who prefers to work with their hands, this is perfect. I am able to physically mold a lump of clay into whatever I would like and not have to worry about the quality of my pencil or the proper way to hold the paintbrush.

  26. I really enjoy mixing mediums in my compositions. As a painting major in art school, I’m introduced to many different ways of making marks with paint- lately, I’ve really enjoyed working with graphite and mineral spirits, mixed in with traditional oil painting. It creates a nice texture of depth and shadow that straight oils or graphite can’t get on their own. Simply beautiful!!!

  27. Honestly, I try my best to express myself through every medium. I feel like if I conform myself to one specific one, I’ll miss on on what another one has to offer. Charcoal, Pencil, Watercolor, Pastel, Crayon – You name it!

  28. I love watercolors but I find that pencil is much easier for me. I may not be very good at it, but I’m trying (’: haha
    But if you’re speaking about artistic mediums overall, I love singing and photography. Nothing better than hearing the film advance and the sound of a good melody!

  29. I love colored pencils on dark paper. The colors pop and the image looks more realistic. I like drawing see-through things like vases or candies in wrappers.

  30. I most enjoy painting but my favorite medium is pen. I can always find a pen around and they can draw on most any medium. Perfect for when inspiration, or lack there of, strikes anytime, anywhere.

  31. I use acrylic, clay, paper mache….it just depends on what type of project I’ve embarked on.
    I’ve purchased some of Gabby’s work and was very pleased.

  32. I love watercolors, even though I’m not very good with them yet. They’re just so fun to mix, and you barely ever get the same colors of combos twice 🙂

  33. I’m not very artistic at all so I would love to get better at all mediums. My favorites are probably pen and watercolor mix!

  34. I adore the way watercolours look, but I’m not very good at it. Mastering watercolours is my dream. Besides that, I prefer to draw with good ol’ fashion pencils. C:

  35. I have to pick just one?! It really depends on the week. Last week I was on a knitting spree, which I think may win as my all-time favorite, but this week is ink and watercolors. Next week will be embroidery, maybe.

  36. I absolutely love to draw with pencil but most of the time when I’m in class I’m supposed to take notes with pen (I don’t know my teachers are weird.) and so I doodle and somehow it comes out better than with pencil. Maybe because subconsciously I know I can’t fix a pen mark. Haha and maybe later on in life I’d like to master watercolours as well. It’s beautiful and it had this motion that I love so much. 🙂

  37. I can’t really choose a favorite medium!! I am in love with mixing all sorts of them. For example, I like to do cliche verre, which is a mesh of photography and drawing of some sort. I also like to mix graphic design/3D printing (on the laser cutter)/and jewelry-making to make fabulous, futuristic earrings. Once, I made something really random out of clay, and it later turned out to be a bronze-casted paperweight. I’ve also mixed sewing, laser cutting, and electrical circuitry to make an LED bracelet/corsage. I think my best works come from collaborating and experimenting with different people and mediums!

  38. micron pens! they allow me to be precise yet fluid with my drawings. i am trying to get into watercolor lately but it’s proven quite difficult to manipulate as i want it. still, i prefer traditional to digital any day! even with my tablet, digital is so frustrating. i like to feel the pen in my hand go across the paper, see the lines come out from real ink. nothing is better than sketching !

  39. I’d love to paint in water colour. I once read somewhere that paint should be applied in layers as thin as breaths on glass…and watercolour really speaks to me that way.

  40. I’m good at acrylycs and watercolor, i’ve done it since i was 8.
    My mom taught me (she knows how to paint even tohught she never wnet to painting classes or anything like that, she’s naturally talented) how to paint but I’ve never been able to master the pencil!
    I hope someday I’ll be able to draw sketches and portraits =) It’s my uthopy

  41. I love watercolors, but I also love buying crappy $5 cameras at thrift stores and getting to know them. Once I get their thrifty feel, I can choose from my zoo to express myself!

  42. I absolutely adore micron pens, charcoal, watercolour and conte and have been working a lot with them, but currently I’m progressing into acrylics. I love working with anything though, so long as I’m creating I’m happy! 🙂

  43. I sometimes enjoy an hour or so of sketching with pencil in the comfort of my bed before sleeping at night. I don’t draw much but I’ll occasionally get inspired and stay up till the wee hours of the night 🙂

  44. Gabby is so lovely! My favorite medium as of late has been good ole ballpoint pens. I have been attempting to break my nervous habit of biting my nails/cuticles so I’m drawing circle patterns on everything, from pages in my moleskine to chemistry notes during class. I also love Flair pens!

  45. I really enjoy drawing with colored pencils, micro pens, and ink. I like painting w/ acrylics. and most recently I’ve been REALLY enjoying creating in 3d using reclaimed fabric 🙂 I love Gabby’s work, and therefore would LOVE that lil’ package you’re giving away 🙂 🙂

  46. As an Early Years teacher I get play and experiment with art materials all day. With the most simple of materials that we offer to the children, be it crayons, black line markers or water colour paints, it’s always a joy to pass time creating together. On these occasions I most love using the water colour paints!

  47. I’ve always loved to Sketch. A simple piece of loose-leaf lined paper and a wooden #2 pencil would suffice my creativity that’s in my head. Other than that, I also love to mix colours (paints, acrylics, and water colours) randomly and see what the outcome of it is. 🙂

  48. i would love to master every technique known for watercolor. I have been experimenting with it for awhile and find it to be hard at times because you never really know with watercolor (at least for me!) Seeing Gabby’s work really inspires me to try my best at watercolor. Gabby is like a watercolor Guru!

  49. For times when I need to express myself pronto, I just grab my watercolor paints 🙂

    I know I can easily make and color a drawing in Photoshop or ArtRage, but I believe nothing beats the feel of pencil ‘scratching’ on a textured paper, dabbing your brush in the watercolor cakes and water, watching the happy accidents that you’ll get with each diluted pigment 🙂

    Sigh. Which reminds me: I need to go back to painting! A mere mention of Gabby just inspires me a lot already 🙂

  50. I would love to master both watercolor & stained glass. Fantastic contest by the way, I’m a massive Gabrielle Rose fan!

  51. Actually, it would have to be any music instrument. Nothing inspires me more than music. Not so much hearing it, but playing it myself. Even the tuning, where every note seems to ring endlessly and you can hear when it’s just right by the sound waves alone. Other than that, drawing. Pencil or carbon I’d have to say. Sadly, I’ve never been good with colors. Although I’d argue that black and white can be just as compelling as colored works, I can’t help but to envy you when you post your work on tumbler. Maybe one day I’ll be able, maybe =).

  52. I love the pencil, a civilized and dynamic instrument for masters of many crafts. Illustrate a beautiful landscape or write a poem about it. Create something fragile which, with nothing more than a flip of the pencil, can be destroyed faster than you could create it. The pencil is the ultimate medium for adequately replicating life in art.

  53. I write to express myself! Whether it be a short story or a letter to a friend, I find writing both relaxing and helpful. (: Although, since joining tumblr, I’ve started drawing more often, too.

  54. Expressing my emotions have been a GREAT challenge in life, watercolor is the best medium I’ve found so far (along with music!).. I’m in love with it and everyday I discover new ways to use it :).

  55. I love pen and ink! I love inking with a brush – there are a ton of textures to be made – & I love and there are always lots of options to use other mediums on top!

  56. I love to photograph to express myself.. 😉 But if I’m drawing I always love a pen in black OR grey… Or à fine liner 0,7 mm. Quite specific… !

  57. Hmm.. Hard one. But I’d personally want to master photography. I just want people to see beyond what’s in my pictures. Kinda like a 3D effect thing. Hah, I really want to master everything about it. So when people see my pictures, they can actually FEEL it.

  58. Since I have little to none art experience, I’d love to start with basic illustration and sketching, and then learn to do it with pen. Hopefully that will lead into using other mediums, since I actually am curious about almost all of them! However, I’m particularly interested in screen printing and letter press. I feel once I have the basics of drawing down, it will be easier to translate to other mediums

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