You might be an artist, an illustrator, or even a crafter. But one thing’s for sure, if you create, you have a portfolio.

And a good portfolio speaks volumes about YOU.

Not just your work, but about the personality behind the work — how you present yourself, how you work and the value that you bring to your clients and your customers. Getting picked isn’t just about being lucky. It’s about the right timing, with the right amount of information and a good deal of editing to tie all your hard work together.

Why was your work passed over for another?
Why aren’t you getting coverage on blogs and other publishing platforms (especially when they’re hungry for new things everyday?)
Why aren’t you getting the projects you want?

It’s about image, perception, and most importantly, your portfolio. Especially when you have only 5 seconds to make an impression – what you show is as important as what you DON’T show.

And how do you ensure that you’re using that 5 seconds in the best way possible?

Ruthless editing.

And that’s where I come in.


We’ll start with a questionnaire to gauge your current portfolio, and also what you’d like to achieve. It’s going to be a no-holds barred interrogation with lots of questions that might make you squirm.

We’ll focus on what’s holding you back, and how to work through it. We’ll tackle feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty. I’ll work with you to edit your brand and your offerings. We’re going to get you some clarity and focus.

There’s going to be laughs, lots of ideas thrown about, and constructive criticism. You’ll leave the review with new, fresh ideas and you’ll be fully rejuvenated with an arsenal of feedback that might have taken years for you to figure out on your own.

It’s going to be hard, but it’s going to be so good too.

And when you’re done, you’ll be ready to hustle.


Full portfolio review

So you have a website. A shop. Products to sell. A tidy little portfolio that you show on the aforementioned website.

But hang on, no matter what you do, it’s hard to get sales. And art directors aren’t nibbling on your postcard mailers. That whole stack of prints you sent to an editor? They might be sitting in a bin already. You tear your hair out trying to figure out why. Why, after all your hard work in marketing and promoting yourself – aren’t you getting anywhere?

The answer isn’t to do MORE marketing and promotion. No, not yet.

You need to take a good, hard look at your portfolio. Is it sending the right message to the people you’re trying to impress? Is it shining with your best work, or is it a muddle of student works and half-finished work that doesn’t seem to gel with your current style? The problem with artists and illustrators, is that their work is personal. Like a baby, each one is a favorite, and it’s hard to be objective about your own work.

And that is where I come in. Show me your portfolio and I’ll give you my unbiased comments and suggestions on how to improve. I’ll help you clarify your message and edit your offerings.

What you’ll get:

  • A full audit and assessment of your portfolio and brand based on several markers via your portfolio, website & promotional materials.
  • Frank insights and constructive criticism on how to improve (if needed),
  • A Skype phone call for half an hour after the review, with a follow up half-hour session the week after. We’ll talk about you, your brand, your strategy, and any other questions you’d like an opinion on (I’m not afraid to give it!).

Please note that I will not be doing any physical redesign work for you!

portfolio sampler package

{This is a shorter version of our full portfolio review, which only includes a review of your portfolio; and does not include reviews for various items such as website/branding/promotional items/etc.}

Don’t quite know if taking on the full portfolio will be worth it? For those who aren’t sure, you can always take a sampler session to see if I’m the right person you’d like to work with before committing to a full review. Best of all? The cost of your sampler session will be deducted from the full portfolio review package when you decide to move forward.

We’ll send you a short questionnaire to answer, and after that, we’ll do a quick assessment of your art/illustration/work portfolio, delivered via Skype chat for 15 minutes, plus answer any questions you might have.


additional Skype sessions

For those who have previously gone through our Portfolio Reviews!

Who will benefit from this portfolio review the most?

You’ll benefit tremendously from the session if you’re a:

  • recent illustration graduate
  • graphic designer who is looking to transition into illustration , or any other creative who is looking for a change in career.
  • self-taught artist
  • established illustrators who are looking for new insights and would like to brainstorm about possibilities.

Need more answers?

Head to the FAQ page!

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