Kim’s Little Monsters

I absolutely adore these wooden brooches from Kim’s Little Monster shop that I saw this morning over on the Etsy front page. Kim Welling is an artist and illustrator based in Netherlands and I am totally crushing on these portrait pins! I can totally imagine owning 7 of these (all with different portraits, of course!) each one for a different day of the week. Or maybe just 6, and then pin all 6 of them altogether for Sunday.

Oh yes.


Happy weekend everyone! I hope you had a lovely week and that your weekend is off to a wonderful start! 🙂

p/s—My Etsy article 9 tips to be more creative was featured in an Etsy newsletter today, thanks Danielle! 🙂

3 Replies to “Kim’s Little Monsters”

  1. Kim Welling says:

    Thanks for posting my pins, I’m so happy you like them and feel very honored for being mentioned on you great blog! And 6 for sunday, good idea (maybe I should make a discount package on etsy).

  2. These are so quirky, I love them. Great article on Etsy – the box idea was my favorite. I may have to try that!

  3. helenb says:

    lovely Kim!!!
    thanks Amy for posting.

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