Melanie Linder

I sneaked off early today to catch up on some zzz’s after doing some a lot of house cleaning for the impending Chinese New Year and I thought for once I’d play truant, but I couldn’t quite tear myself away from the computer screen (or from you guys!) And guess what I found? Melanie Linder of Spread the Love who has not just one calendar up for sale, but a few in her shop ready to go!

Best of all, I love how she slips messages that are perfect for Valentine’s Day too. She’s a genius!


Have a great weekend peeps and I’ll catch you on Monday!

I hope you’ve also put in your vote for your favorite artist in the Zines edition of the PikaPackage Project last week. If you haven’t already, you still have this weekend to add your name to the list! 🙂

4 Replies to “Melanie Linder”

  1. theaxx says:

    ooh i agree, these calendars are fabulous and the words she chose are what truly make them all the more magical! So exciting about chinese new year 🙂 I’ve cleaned my house too & although for different reasons am looking forward to the beautiful red new year 🙂 Rabbit this year, yes?

    Oh, and since I’m here, and rabbiting on (LOL, I couldn’t stop myself! hehe) I’ve made little valentines too over for sale at the spoonful etsy shop. little painted jewels 🙂

    Thanks for stopping in & your constant inspiration!!!


  2. Netina says:

    These calendars are beautiful and her choice of words adds to the excitement of the new beginning/year! It makes you think “yeah lets make 2011 the best year ever”.

  3. i have one of melanie’s calendars for this year and i love it. cheers me up every time i see it.

  4. Leigh says:

    YAY! I love this calendar! so beautiful!!

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