Name: Emma Kidd
Location: Sydney, Australia

How about a brief introduction?
I have always liked print making, all that effort to try to get the perfect edition, and the tons of paper in your house. I like to draw and paint and make monsters come alive.

What made Gocco so special for you?
I love the fact you can do it at home, no real space is needed, no permission or vast amounts of money out-layed… all very accessible, and portable.

Any tips on using a Gocco that you’d like to share?
I have fallen into the basic exposure, with one screen, maybe then blocking off a little and changing the colours, but then hand painting it. As I have the basic set, registration can be a killer sometimes.

What’s your biggest accomplishment to date?
Coming back to Australia and jumping in, trying to get the perfect work life balance. Not turning into a complete hermit in the process.

Share something random with us!
I love to quiz my man on music, he calls me “The Rock Snob”.

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